Mathematical modeling of the gas turbine engine
Mathematical modeling of the gas turbine engine

Mathematical modeling of the gas turbine engine



The complex as a whole must meet a number of requirements, the main ones are:

- the ability to simulate steady and transient operating modes under changing flight conditions in a wide range of changes in the engine operating mode;

- obtaining the accuracy of modeling in steady-state and transient modes, sufficient to solve control problems;

- acceptable computation time on a computer when using high-level models;

- the ability to perform calculations in real and accelerated time when using mathematical models on semi-natural stands.

Complex mathematical models for motor control applications includes three types of models: a rolling dynamic, multi-mode and linear simplified.

Dynamic a rolling model - a model of the highest level, adequately describes the properties of the engine designed for computer calculations of steady state and transient conditions of his work in the full range of their changes for all operating conditions. It allows the selection and evaluation of programs and control algorithms, including when considered together with the aircraft and self-propelled guns.

Multimode simplified model can be used as a rolling, to perform computational research SAU under certain programs and algorithms, motor control, with the HIL test systems, control of non-motorized stands, including the piloting. Bands played using a simplified model of operating conditions of the engine and the flight conditions are narrower than for the previous model, and the accuracy of the calculations - below.

The linear model is used, as a rule, for preliminary and approximate estimates of the characteristics of stability control and dynamic properties of the system "in the small" as in the calculations, and in HIL. Together with similar models from other elements of the systems studied, it allows the use of the known analytical methods for analysis and synthesis SAU.


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