McDonnell Douglas DC10
McDonnell Douglas DC10

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McDonnell Douglas DC10 (McDonnell Douglas DS10) is one of the first wide-body turbojet medium-haul (in some variations - long-haul) airliners.

The aerodynamic layout of the aircraft is a turbofan three-engine nizkoplan with single tail assembly, swept wing and with two motors located under the wing and one above the fuselage behind General data

Designed as a result of the query aviation company American Airlines, which has applied to both the McDonnell Douglas (McDonnell Douglas) and Lockheed (Lockheed) with the same terms of reference, the aircraft, despite certain problems that arose during the initial period, it became very successful commercial widebody aircraft airliner .

McDonnell Douglas DC10 Salon

At first it was designed as a twin-engine, but soon a third engine was added to it, setting it at the base of the keel. This was done to meet the requirements of American Airlines. The airline wanted to use this plane on existing runways. In addition, American rules at the time forbade the flights of one or two propulsion aircraft over the Atlantic. Work on DS10 started in February 1968 and immediately received orders from United Airlines and American Airlines. The first flight was made 20.08.1970.

The first DS-10 began working for American Airlines (American Airlines) in August 1971. At the same time, work on the long-haul DS10-30 equipped with more powerful engines, reinforced chassis and additional fuel tanks was in full swing. The DS-10 was built most of all in variations of the DS 10-30, including the transport variant. Despite this, the airline companies Japan Airlines and Northwest Airlines ordered the aircraft in variations of the DS 10-40 with the engines of the aircraft and converted them into cargo and they continue to fly. The DC-10 in passenger operation remains with Bangladesh’s aviation company Biman.

McDonnell Douglas DC10 scheme salon

McDonnell Douglas DC10 scheme salon

Characteristics Douglas DC-10:

Length: 55,5m.

Height: 17,7m.

Wingspan: 50,4m.

Flight range: 11,685km.

Cruising speed: 908km / h.

Number of seats: up 380mest.

Crew: 2cheloveka.

Engines: PrattandWhitney JT9D20 (thrust 49000lb (22,25т)) or PrattandWhitney JT9D59A (thrust 53000lb (24,1т)).

Maximum takeoff weight: 259450kg.

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