McDonnell Douglas MD-80
McDonnell Douglas MD-80

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MD-80 MacDonnell Duglas- short-haul passenger aircraft, which was developed in the US in 1970-ies. Intended to replace obsolete at the time DC-9.

According to aerodynamic design aircraft is a twin-engine turbofan nizkoplanom with adjustable stabilizer, T-tail, rear mounted engine and swept wing.

Airlines that operate MD-80

MD-80 popular among many airlines in the world and remains active ipolzovanii, although the production of the latest variation of the liner stopped in 1999 year. The main operators MD-80 are:

AeroMexico. Bukovyna. Northwest Airlines. Allegiant Air. Austrian Airlines.American Airlines .Delta AirLines . Avianca.Alitalia .Swissair .Finnair . SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System).Iberia . UM Air.China Eastern Airlines .JAS (Japan AirSystem). China. Northern Airlines. Midwest Airlines.Korean Air . Alaska Airlines. Austral. Khors AirCompany. Aerolineas Argentinas. Onur Air. ATA Airlines.


McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Salon


McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Salon


Features McDonnell Douglas MD-80:


Length: 45.1m.

Height: 9.05m.

Wingspan: 32.8m.

Cruising speed: 811km / h.

Maximum speed: 1020 km / h.

Number of seats: 172mesta.

Maximum takeoff weight: 64000kg.

Powerplant 2hPratt & Whitney JT8D-209.

Link: 2h8391kgs.


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