McDonnell Douglas MD-90
McDonnell Douglas MD-90

McDonnell Douglas MD-90. Photo. Video. Characteristics. Reviews.

MD-90 McDonnell Douglas - medium-range passenger aircraft. Developed by McDonnell Douglas in the US in 90-ies.

According to aerodynamic design aircraft is a twin-engine turbofan nizkoplanom with adjustable stabilizer, T-tail, rear mounted engine and swept wing.

Airlines that operate MD-90

MD-90 is the least successful member of the DS-9 family. The main operators of MD-90 are:

Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Delta AirLines.

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System).

JAS (Japan AirSystem).

After the merger of McDonell Douglas and Boeing, the aviation company Delta AirLines canceled a large order with MD-90 and ordered a Boeing 737 — 800 instead.

McDonnell Douglas MD-90 Salon

McDonnell Douglas MD-90 Salon

McDonnell Douglas MD-90 features:

Length: 46.5m.

Height: 9.0m.

Wingspan: 32.8m.

Wing area: 112kv.m.

Maximum speed: 810km / h.

Flight range: 4400km.

Ceiling: 11300m.

the run length: 2160m.

path length: 1600m.

Number of seats: 152-172mest

Maximum takeoff weight: 70760kg.

Maximum landing weight: 64410kg.

Empty weight: 39990kg.

Maximum weight without fuel: 55970kg.

Maximum payload: 17800kg.

Fuel tank capacity: 22130l.

Engines: 2hIAE V2500-D5.

Link: 2x12700kgs.

The width of the passenger compartment: 3.14m.

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