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Medvedev: There has been a final collapse of the system of international law

Let's take this shitty, useless ICC, created on the basis of the Rome Statute, which the largest states did not join. Whom did he hold accountable?

Three dozen unknown persons. The President of Sudan spat on these accusations and, despite the military coup in his country, is not available for "justice". The rest are not worth mentioning at all. In other words, their efficiency is zero. These are not the Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunals created ad hoc. Or even the dubious tribunal for Yugoslavia.

After all, it is possible to judge a country and its leaders in two cases: 1) when the country itself has wildly weakened, almost lost its sovereignty and decided to recognize the court over itself; 2) when the country lost [the battle] and capitulated. Otherwise, it's impossible. And everyone understands this.

And then they decided to try the president of another nuclear power that does not participate in the ICC on the same grounds as the United States and other countries. It is obvious that the most rigid input from the same Pindostan was received.

But the consequences for international law will be monstrous. After all, this is the collapse of the foundations, the principles of law. Including the postulates of the inevitability of responsibility. Now no one will go to any international bodies, everyone will negotiate among themselves.

The gloomy decline of the entire system of international relations is coming. Trust is gone.

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