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Messerschmitt Me-262
Messerschmitt Me-262 - German jet

Messerschmitt Me-262 - German jet


The most common and effective - German jet. For the first time it was defeated in June 26 1944 years (Adolf Schreiber). The greatest number of victories in the Me-262 had pilots of the Luftwaffe:

Gein Baer - 16 (all 221); Franz Schall - 14 (137); Hermann Buchner - 12 (58); Georg Peter Eder 12 (78); Erich Rudorfer - 12 (222); Carl Shnorrer - 11 (46). Me-262 combat capabilities superior to all aircraft of its time. German pilots into battle with the superior forces of the enemy repeatedly. March 19 1945 28, the aircraft Me-262 1300 grappled with American bombers and fighter escorts 750. On reactive "Messerschmitt" the best pilots of the Luftwaffe flew: Johannes Shteynhoff (176 overall victories, including 6 - the Me-262), Walter Nowotny (248) and others.


Messerschmitt Me-262 and


The first flight of the Me-262 with piston engine It was made in the spring of 1941, and since then, the flights were carried out regularly. Since March 1942 years on the aircraft as a power plant used two jet engine Jumo-004.

Plane Me-262 out in various modifications, at least 25. Serially produced and the prototype fighters, fighter-bombers, night fighters, trainers, double and other versions. We used the latest blind landing system, radar equipment, modern, including the reactor sights and various options for arming (bomb load - up to 1000 kg vertically disposed guns, missiles, cannon caliber 30, 50, 55 mm and others.).

Messerschmitt Me-262The performance characteristics of fighter Messerschmitt Me-262 «Schwalbe"

  • 12,5 m Wingspan
  • Length m 10,6
  • Height m 3,8
  • Wing area 21,8 m2
  • Specific load on the wing ... 293 kg / m2
  • 6400 kg take-off weight
  • Speed, max 865 km / h
  • Service ceiling 12 000 m
  • Climb 1200 m / min
  • Flight distance 850 km
  • Armament 4x30 mm MK 108
  • The power plant - two turbojet engines "Jumo Yunkers-» 109-004 V Rod - 900 kg.






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