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Messerschmitt Bf-109. War with Britain.

Messerschmitt Bf-109. War on UK.


( "Adlerangrif"Eagle attack) - The code name of the air operation, which was conducted by the German air force in 1940 year, to prepare for an invasion of England. For a successful attack on England needed to win air supremacy. For this purpose, the main role was given to fighters Messerschmitt Bf-109. Prior to the attack on the UK, the German air force has dominated the skies over France, but significant losses in fighter aircraft. The problem here lay in the armor protection of the aircraft Bf-109.


But 1940 year, adopted the German Air Force began to receive fighters Bf-109E-3, which had armored protection cockpit bottom (8mm), and armor plate on the pilot's head. Plus old gun had been replaced to new - MG FF / M. Operation against Britain began on August 13, and this day was named "Happy eagles". The first attacks were for Luftwaffe aircraft is quite successful, since the main task was to fight with fighter aircraft the UK.

Full tactical freedom, and flexible tactics allowed German fighter aircraft to fully utilize the advantages of their aircraft in diving and ascent.  But the escort operations in the escort bombers, in the "free hunting"Totally failed, as RAF fighters skillfully torn battle formations of bombers, and then destroyed them. The command of the Luftwaffe decided to denser accompanied by bombers that led to the loss of the former freedom aces Goering.

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And received an English aircraft armed aircraft - Spitfire fighters and Hurricfne, turned the German pilots of the hunters in the victim. Luftwaffe losses began to increase. But Messerschmitts remained a formidable weapon, the more they controlled pilots who fought in Spain and France. And arms Bf-109, was much more powerful than the British. The most famous German aces were Melders and Holland, shot down by British aircraft 50.

But the Luftwaffe losses were very large. It ended the Battle of Britain in October 31 1940 years. During this time, the German aviation lost 610 cars, England - 1034 aircraft. From an objective, a strategic point of view, the battle did not produce a clear success of any of the parties. But we must pay tribute to the aircraft the RAF, they were able to adequately confront the most powerful aviation world - the Luftwaffe.

In my opinion one of the best fighters of World War II, of course instant-2 a little better, but not only a fighter decides the outcome of the battle as a pilot. Another big plus is of course the iron book, in contrast to the Soviet. Unfortunately we trimmed the tree due to lack of raw materials.

thunderterror: Why write something you don't know about? "moment-2" what kind of apparatus is this? And read more about booking German and Soviet fighters.


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