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Messerschmitt P-1101. A photo. History. Characteristics.
Military aviation
Messerschmitt P-1101. A photo. History. Characteristics.

Messerschmitt P-1101. A photo. History. Characteristics.



American soldiers, who a few days before the end of the Second World War entered the Bavarian factory to produce Messerschmitt Oberammergau, did not even know that they will begin a new stage in the history of American military aircraft.

Their eyes was the design of the aircraft, which was destined to revolutionize the aircraft industry and give new opportunities for fighters - it was Messerschmitt P-1101.


Messerschmitt P-1101. A photo.

Messerschmitt P-1101. A photo.


Not only birds able to swing wings

What was it like in this unfinished copy of a German airplane? And why was he so different from other cars? First of all Messerschmitt R 1101 at that time was the only aircraft that had movable wings, which in turn allowed the installation of wings at different angles to the body. The wing with variable geometry made the aircraft more versatile - it allowed to assemble the advantages of several models with completely different parameters and capabilities in one plane. Depending on the angle in which the wings will be installed, the aircraft can take off and land at a lower speed, increase the flight range, and achieve higher speeds.

The airplane without wings

The prototype, which the US military found, was completed at 80%, and it had no wings. From the technical documentation for the car there are only a few individual notes. What happened to the rest of the documentation? A few days before the Americans entered the city, the factory workers photographed drawings, calculations and designs, destroyed almost all the documentation, and the resulting microfilms were packed in waterproof capsules and disappeared in the surrounding villages. When American experts appeared after the military, the case took an unexpected turn ... It turned out that some of the documentation was found from the French. The Allies had no desire to share this valuable find with the Americans. Despite pressure from the American Roberta Vudsa Design Bell Aircraft Works Bureau and Messerschmitt chief designer Voldemara Foygta, who at all costs wanted to finish the P-1101, the fate of the further development of the first aircraft with movable wings was under a question mark.


Messerschmitt P-1101. Photo 2.

Messerschmitt P-1101. A photo. 2.


German inspiration - American success

only 3 years decided to return to this idea later. In August, the F-1948 1101, finally, brought to the United States. True to the prototype is little left and it turned out to be absolutely impossible conclusion. However, it managed to borrow some design decisions that the Germans used in the development of this aircraft. This led to the creation of an experimental model of Bell X-5 (not very successful, as evidenced by numerous disasters with its participation) - the first aircraft, which could change the geometry wings "on the fly". In the German prototype modifications carried out on the ground.

Subsequent successors, which used the same concept, were more advanced aircraft and with various modifications were put into operation for the next few decades.


Messerschmitt P-1101 characteristics

Messerschmitt P-1101 characteristics


Military Aviation


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