Methods of reliability motorized STP
Methods of reliability motorized STP

Methods of reliability motorized STP



It also shows a control channel pump lubrication system supports rotor motor output parameters that are pumping oil GMi its output pressure injection pump RM.

The traditional two-stage fuel systems with pumps high and low pressure of the rotation is carried out by the gearbox. The use of electrically driven pumps allow for the regulation of the pump in accordance with the requirements of the engine at all operation modes, and as a result, reduce the heating fuel, to increase the life of pumps and to obtain other advantages.

Methods of ensuring the reliability of electric drive STF different from those used in conventional systems due to the possibility of failures of a different type. In such systems, there are three groups of failures: in the mechanical part of the pump drive (open springs connecting the motor to the pump shaft, motor stalling), mechanical damage themselves pumps (destruction of the bearing supports the shaft damage in the flow path of pumps), the failure of electric drive (electric motor or the control unit).

In the event of any of these failures, the pump becomes an additional throttle in the fuel supply line and when the pump rotor is stationary (shaft jamming), and when it continues to rotate in the autorotation mode. The use of a shunt bypass from the input to the output of electric driven pumps automatically switched on in case of failure allows, in a two-stage system, to ensure interchangeability of pumps by the appropriate selection of characteristics, and thus, reservation in a certain range of modes (for example, cruising and landing).

In modern lubrication systems where pumps are driven from the gearbox the engine oil pressure in the engine is 0,3. 0,6 MPa, the maximum temperature of the oil in the engine inlet - up to 150 ° C, speed shafts and pumping discharge pumps depends on the rotor speed of the engine and can not be adjusted.

Use of motorized lubrication system will improve the number of engine performance: increase the reliability run at negative temperature, and after stopping the engine, reduce the loss of oil, reduce air content in the pumped oil and others.

The composition of aggregates electrically lubrication systems, compared to traditional motors are added and controls them (if necessary, control the speed of pumps). Separate drives the electric fuel pump, and the number of electric drives for discharge pumps and prompters may be different: motorized bilge pump for each leg of the rotors and an electrically prompter, or one for all electric discharge pumps.


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