Management methods GTD
Management methods GTD

Management methods GTD



The management methods of GTEs currently used in electronic control systems are largely similar to those used in the final period of development and operation of hydromechanical systems (in 1970-80-ies). They have been improved in the direction of greater management adaptation to operating conditions, integration with flight control systems. New solutions in the field of adaptive and integrated control, management of engine failures and failures and automatic control systems and others are being intensively developed and, obviously, will be increasingly used in the near future in the near future.

The important and considered in the development of ACS GTE is ensuring their operation with minimal maintenance costs. Possibility of on-condition is characteristic of the best of modern management systems.

Prospects for the development of ACS GTE associated with the transition to the construction of digital electronic systems distributed structure based on the use of fault-tolerant SMART-sub (intelligent sensors and actuators), coordination of redundant subsystems central processor, built-in control, high-performance connections with other on-board systems.

The structure of the distributed ACS is shown in 1, b. Such a design of control systems will significantly increase reliability (in the future by an order of magnitude), reduce the weight of equipment (by 30% .40%), improve the quality of control and, as a result, improve engine performance, reduce production and operation costs (up to 50% .60%). The basis for the creation of intelligent distributed control systems is the use of advanced electronic technologies (high-temperature electronic components, optoelectronics, etc.)

Another important aspect of improving SAU GTE is to create systems of fuel supply to the pumps controlled performance. This will reduce the fuel heating system, to increase reliability and service life, reduce weight. The most promising in this area looks introduction of speed control of pumps by means of regulated electric, although there are other solutions, such as the use of a turbo-drive and control elements of the pump will form part of its flow.

Application to the electric turbine engine with high power density and offers a number of other opportunities to improve its performance through the creation of highly-electrified motor for "electric" aircraft, t. E. Such where electrical energy will be the base for its operation. In this case, the drive may be used (in addition to the fuel system) to move the flow of mechanization of the engine for driving the pump in the lubrication system.


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