The international airport of Khabarovsk (Russia)
The international airport of Khabarovsk (Russia)

Khabarovsk International Airport (Russia). Official site.

Khabarovsk International Airport, which is called the "New" was opened in the distant year 1954. At the moment, it is the largest airport in the Far East of the Russian Federation.

two passenger terminals are located on the territory of the airport:

  • 1) terminal, domestic flights serving destinations.

The capacity is about 1500 passengers per hour.

  • 2) terminal, serving flights from international destinations.

The capacity is about 700 passengers per hour.

The international airport of Khabarovsk (Russia) waiting room

In the immediate vicinity of the "New" International Airport is located just two hotels:

  • - Royal Hotel;

  • - Hotel Lime.

But you can also stay in other hotels that are located in the Khabarovsk.

From the international airport "New" to Khabarovsk city center is by using the following types of transfer:

  • 1) Bus.

Prior to Khabarovsk are two bus routes - and №18E №35. The trip will not take more than 25-30 minutes, and in the absence of traffic jams even less.

  • 2) Taxi.

Minibuses, which will take you to the city center run numbered 60 and 80.

  • 3) Trolley.

Through the airport through the following trolleybus routes: №1, №2, №4.

  • 4) Taxi.

The international airport "New" is an official partner - the taxi company "Euroline". Order car can be near special stands, which is in the terminal domestic flights. Cars on the taxi always enough. The fare is not very big, besides appropriate small bargaining.

  • 5) car.

The trip takes up to 15 20 minutes.

Absolutely all public transport runs on a schedule with a clear and short intervals. Therefore, problems in order to get into the city, there should not be.

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At the international airport of Khabarovsk "New" you the following types of services can be offered.

  • - Business Facilities;

  • - Post office;

  • - Mother and child room;

  • - Bank office, ATMs;

  • - Exchange items;

  • - Representation of some airlines;

  • - Shops, where you can buy a variety of goods;

  • - Luggage storage;

  • - Free access to the wireless network Wi-Fi;

  • - Medical service and much more.

The airport is very well developed passenger information system: a large number of pointers will not allow to get lost, and special help desk can solve almost any problem.

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Basic data:

  • Coordinates of the airport: latitude 48.53, longitude 135.19.

  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 11 / + 11.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • IATA airport code: KHV.

  • ICAO airport code: UHHH.

  • Internal code: CBR.

  • Basic airlines: Vostok Aviation (East), Khabarovsk Airlines (Khabarovsk airlines).

The international airport of Khabarovsk on the map:

Contact details:

  • Email the airport:

  • Airport Fax: + 74212263530.

  • Telephone airport management: + 74212263661.

  • Telephone reference Airport: + 74212263268.

  • The mailing address of the airport: Matveevskoe highway, 28B, Khabarovsk, Russia, 680031.

Khabarovsk Airport official website:

Khabarovsk International Airport, official website

The international airport of Khabarovsk schedule:

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15 and 19 September 2015g. I had the displeasure
this airline fly from Khabarovsk to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur and back. Conditions
flight as there and back, simply unbearable. From Khabarovsk flight is delayed only for an hour. Download to aircraft AN-24 №466 (33 do not remember exactly). After starting the engines of the cabin began to fill with smoke from the exhaust. Smoke billowed
of all cracks. The passengers staged a revolt on the ship - did not want to fly this plane. I almost came to blows with the crew commander with difficulty pilfered particularly aggressive passenger and flight attendant and convinced everyone that this sometimes happens at the start, and after take-off the smoke clears. At the request of at least ventilate the aircraft before take-off was no response, steward locked
in his compartment, and then barely got out - the door is jammed. Half an hour of flying in a daze, some with masks on their faces, there was nothing to breathe. Since the beginning of the last rows of the cabin was virtually invisible. The fact that people from the bad burn, the crew did not care. The cabin is no smoke. It is a pity not videotaped. Witnesses can find them was a complete interior.
The return flight - the weather is great, people are sitting in the airport for two days, no aircraft. After a while from Khabarovsk sent a spare aircraft L-410 but he took on board only 18 people who have remained with before last the day. Our flight was delayed
"Only" 14 hours. On the plane to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk I "safely" late. Communication at the airport did not work. Manager could not communicate with the airlines to find out the situation, even on cell phones (those either hangs up or were unavailable). Witness what happened two aircraft. The price is comparable to the price of the ticket from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. At these prices the aircraft must be licked and not be of a broken-down skotovozki. I propose to rename the airline to "POHABOVSKIE Airlines" that is more consistent with its nature.



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