Pulkovo International Airport (St. Petersburg)
Pulkovo International Airport (St. Petersburg)

The international Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg). Official site.


International Airport St Petersburg is one of the three largest airports in Russia. The opening of the airport was back in 1932 year. But its present name he had acquired in 1973. Notable is the fact that it is the only airport "northern capital."

Pulkovo Airport is the base for the Russian airline "Russia" (a subsidiary of the "Aeroflot").


24 1932 June, the airport put into operation "highway." A few years later we created a 31-th transport squadron, which flew the P-1, P and U-5-2. Basically squad engaged in transportation of cargo and mail. In 1936 year we laid the terminal building. The entire fleet was replaced with a new PS-40, T-2, PS-84. In 41-year flights between Moscow and Leningrad became a regular, but due to World War II, the airport was closed. January 27 1944 years from the Leningrad blockade lifted and the pilots started to perform transportation of peace. For the full year 1945 12000 airmen have transported more passengers.

In 48-year post-war work began airport. Just six months later managed to establish local and 15 14 allied airlines. In 51-year opened a new terminal. Also New aircraft: IL-14, IL-12, An-2. Since mid-50-ies began the transition to jet aircraft.

March 15 1959 year - operation of jet aircraft. In particular, passengers were carried by planes Tu-104B. In 64-year we built a second runway. A year later commissioned equipment for automatic landings. Airport took second place in passenger traffic. Opened flights to Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. There Yak-40 and An-24.

In 1973 year opened a new terminal. 25 April, he received the official title of "Pulkovo-1». The old Tu-124, IL-18-104 Tu and replaced with new Yak-42, Tu-154, An-24, Tu and An-134-12. In 82-year one of the runways taken out of the flight manual and was converted into a parking area for aircraft. In April, the updated 1986 "Pulkovo-2». On the right and left sides of the air terminal was built pavilions. Entering complex given the opportunity to serve twice as many passengers.
In 2007, the Transport Council approved a plan for the future development of the airport. Due to the announced tender for the project, which was won by Grimshaw Architects. 25 September presidential decree 100% stake in the airport transferred to the ownership of the city of St. Petersburg.

In April, 2008 launched a competition to select private partnership participants for the reconstruction of Pulkovo Airport. Under the terms of the organizers, companies that managed other airports located to Pulkovo closer than 800 km could not take part in it. 25 June 2009 year chose the winner. They became the organization "Air Gates of the Northern Capital". The consortium includes VTB Bank Europe, Fraport, Copelouzos Group. 30 October 2009, the government of St. Petersburg, LLC "Air Gate" and OJSC "Airport Pulkovo" signed an agreement on the creation, operation and reconstruction of the assets included in the property "Pulkovo" facilities.

At the end of April 2010, the consortium began to manage Pulkovo's operations. A year later, the construction of the main building of the passenger terminal and the northern gallery (area 105600 m2) was started. In 2014 year all have completely finished. At the station square, a parking lot, a business center and a four-star hotel were built. Passage of passengers to the terminal is carried out by 2-level transport overpass. In addition, the aprons were reconstructed. Equipped with an anti-icing fluid treatment site, a place for testing the engines and a snow storage platform. In August, opened the track, which directly connects the ring road with the airport.

The new terminal

In October, the airport management 2013 start testing the new terminal. 4 December, as part of test operation of the terminal started to take passengers. In addition to business aviation, all passenger flights are operated from the new terminal. In February 2014 years "Pulkovo-1» was closed for reconstruction and all the flights were transferred here.

Reconstruction of the building "Pulkovo-1» started practicing company "Astaldi-HAI Ichtash." Investments totaled 60 million euros. In February 2015 years after completion of all repairs terminal greeted the first flight from Moscow.

"Pulkovo-1» ranked as the centralized passenger terminal. Its purpose is to serve passengers of domestic flights. Exit and entrance to the airport, preflight procedures and check-in, as before, are performed in the main building total terminal complex. In the "Pulkovo-1» passengers get through the transition gallery. Already in the complex reconstruction is the waiting room.

Interior space "Pulkovo-1» convert and become much freer. The appearance remains the same. The central part of the complex into a waiting area. The building has reinforced bearing structures have replaced the power supply system, air conditioning, fire fighting systems, ventilation, information, surveillance and others.


Pulkovo International Airport (Saint-Petersburg) 232

On the territory of the international airport of Saint Petersburg has three terminals:

  • 1) Pulkovo - 1.

It serves domestic and some international flights (due to their design is a comic called "Five glasses").

  • 2) Pulkovo - 2.

It serves only international flights.

  • 3) Pulkovo - 3.

Serves VIP-flights.

Pulkovo International Airport 3 (St. Petersburg)

At a short distance from the international airport of Saint Petersburg has the following hotels where you can stay for the night:

  • - Petro Palace Hotel;

  • - Pulkovskaya;

  • - Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg;

  • - Park Inn by Radisson Nevsky;

  • - Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge.


From the international Pulkovo Airport to St. Petersburg can be reached as follows:

  • 1) Bus.

This form of transport begins its movement in 05.36 (weekend - 06.06), and ends in 00.47. The road to the city center takes no more than 20 minutes. Bus ticket price is the same as in conventional public transport.

  • 2) Taxi.

The route of this type of public transport repeats the way of city buses, but it is possible to get to your destination much faster. However, and the fare is much higher.

  • 3) Taxi.

Check the machine can be carried out near special Rack Manager. The car can take you not only to St. Petersburg, but also to any settlement of the Leningrad region, as well as in some cities in Sweden and Finland.

scheme pulokovosehma Pulkovo 2


At the international airport of St. Petersburg you may be offered the following types of services and entertainment:

  • Free access to Wi-Fi network almost the entire territory of the terminal.

  • Own Art Gallery.

  • Shops, in which the duty-free trade.

  • Rental of meeting rooms and conference rooms.

  • A large number of different bars, cafes and restaurants.

  • Post office.

  • News and bookstores.

  • Representative of various banks and much more.

Basic data:

  • International Airport in St. Petersburg.

  • Airport Coordinates: Latitude 59.8, 30.26 longitude.

  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 3 / + 4.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: in 17 kilometers south of the city of St. Petersburg.

  • The number of airport terminals: 2.

  • IATA airport code: LED.

  • ICAO airport code: ULLI.

  • Internal code: PLC.

  • Basic airline:Rossiya Airlines (Russia), Transaero (Transaero).


1. October 5 52-year due to an error in the sky faced Manager TS-62 and IL-12. Passengers who are in both planes (31 people) died.

2. November 25 1960, during a training flight crashed Il-14FK. The aircraft worked through the necessary actions in case of engine failure. As a result, the sun slipped into a steep dive. 9 people died.

3. 21 63-August of the year there was the world's first case of passenger plane landing on the water. Tu-124 at the confluence of adverse circumstances landed on the water surface of the river Neva. No harm done.

4. February 17 1970 years to take off, Li-2 because of the overload has not received the required altitude and crashed in 200 meters from the runway. Radio operator was killed.

5. December 31 70-year crashed Il-18V. The sun was supposed to fly on flight Leningrad - Yerevan. The crash occurred because of an error of the crew. Very slowly, they forgot to include the anti-icing system and flaps. The result was lost speed and altitude. 6 people died.

6. 27 April 1974 years to land, crashed Il-18V. The accident occurred due to the ensuing fire in the right engine. All 109 people died.

7. 23 May 1991, the crashed Tu-154B-1. He served as flight Sukhumi - Leningrad. The tragedy occurred due to crew errors, which resulted in the sun touched the ground at high speed outside the runway. Fuselage was destroyed, 2 13 airport workers and passengers were killed.

8. 31 2015 October, the plane crashed "Airbus A321" flying under the Sharm el-Sheikh - Saint Petersburg. He disappeared over the Sinai Peninsula. From 217 passengers and seven crew members were no survivors.

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Contact details:

  • Email the airport: [Email protected]

  • Airport Fax: + 78123243545.

  • Telephone airport management: + 78123243475.

  • The mailing address of Airport Street. Pilots, d. 18, Bldg. 4, of St. Petersburg, Russia, 196210.


Pulkovo Airport official site:http://www.pulkovoairport.ru/

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