MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation)
MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation)

MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation)



Formerly called MIIGA (Moscow Institute of Civil Aviation) - higher state schools of Moscow, located in the district of Golovin. Founded in 1971 year. Higher education institution leading Russian aviation experts for the preparation of the profile operation for civil aviation. MSTUCA is the foundation of educational-methodical th association of higher educational institutions of Russia concerning the exploitation of space and aviation technology.

MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation) 1




University Departments

  • Department of Physical Education;
  • The Department of Social and Political Sciences and Humanities (GiSPN);
  • Department of Law and State Regulation and (GRiP).


MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation) 2


 Faculty of Mechanical

  • Department of technical use of AD and aircraft and (AD and TE of aircraft). The main educational programs developed by the university for the training of bachelor-engineers in the direction of 162300 "Technical operation of engines and aircraft" in a row for the second year won the title of "The best educational innovative program in Russia". (The project "Best educational innovative programs in Russia" is carried out under the auspices of the National Center for Professional and Public Accreditation and the Guild of Experts in the Field of Professional Education. The best educational programs are selected as a result of a survey of the wide professional and academic community.);
  • Major strength and design of aircraft aerodynamics (AKPLA);
  • Major aircraft engine (PAP);
  • Major repairs of aircraft and BP (RLA and blood pressure);
  • Department of Life and Flight Safety (BP and Railway);
  • Department of technical mechanics;
  • Department of Engineering Graphics and Descriptive Geometry (NGG).

MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation) 3


Faculty of Aviation Complexes and Systems (FASK) (former FREOiVT, FAO)

  • Department of Air Traffic Control (ATC);
  • Department of Operation of Technical Navigation and Flight Systems and Aviation Electrical Systems (PNK and TEAES);
  • Department of Aviation Electrical Equipment and Electrical Engineering (AEO and ET);
  • Major technical operation of radio equipment and communication (TERTOS);
  • The department of electronic aircraft systems (ARES);
  • Department of Physics;
  • Department of radio engineering devices (RTU);
  • Department of Theoretical Radio Engineering (TRT).

MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation) 4


Faculty of Air Transport Management (FUVT) (formerly FMOK)

  • Department of Public Relations (CO);
  • Department of Management;
  • Economics Department of Civil Aviation (EGA);
  • The Department of Finance Civil Aviation Authority (PHA);
  • Department of the organization of transport (OP);
  • Department of specialized language training.


Faculty of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (FPMVT)

  • Department of Complexes, Computers, Networks and Systems (VMKSS);
  • The department of information security and basic radio (ORTZI);
  • Department of Higher Mathematics (BM);
  • Department of Applied Mathematics (PM);
  • Department of Foreign Languages ​​.

 Faculty absentee

MSTUCA (Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation) 5


Site: mstucа.ru


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What salaries?

Hello! I, since childhood, dream of becoming a pilot and for the sake of fulfilling this dream, I am ready to do anything to enter MSTU. Can you find out what you need to enter MSTU?

Pilots tschat in St. Petersburg, Yegorievsk here - just going. In the meantime, learn to twist nuts and pour kerosene. While looking at some discipline - I'm here now on the training manual Academician of Transport Academy believe the value, measured in square man on the hour. sharaga a whole is normal, if you do not have increased demands for rigor of a scientific approach.
special documents - VLEK - need only to ATC.
Yes, and still be ready to go to physical education for three consecutive years

How to proceed? What documents are required?

Then prepare civilian pilots?

I have a child have the desire and dream to enter such an institution !!!

I want to go to this university

It would be nice to go to this institution


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