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Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Photo.
Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Photo.

Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. Photo.



Mohammed was born in 6.07.1935, the state of West Bengal (India). As a child, he witnessed how India gained independence. In 1947, the Muslim part of the country was separated into an independent state - Pakistan. Hometown Alam went to India, and his family abandoned their home and moved to a country where Islam prevailed.

Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 1


India and Pakistan were not initially satisfied with the Boundary immediately after separation between them began border disputes. Both countries quickly got the armies, navies and air forces. They have long been part of the British Empire, which had a strong air force traditionally. After the collapse of the Indian and Pakistani pilots continued to hone their skills under the guidance of the same airline instructors.

The first part, which was appointed Mohammed was 11-Squadron. In 1951, she first received a Pakistan Air Force jet "Attakery" adopted. The following year, she 4 and was the only jet in the country. The situation changed in 1955 city - America has started to deliver, "Sabres" in Pakistan, and, in 1956 11-squadron began to receive F-86F. At the beginning of Mohammed 1964 11-led squadron.

In 1971 of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto became president of Pakistan. He said a number of reforms, his rise to power. In particular, the President called for mandatory compliance with Islamic law. The consequence of this policy was the introduction of "dry law" in the Air Force.

Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 2


In 1979 traces of Alam suddenly lost in the border area with Afghanistan. Rumors claimed that he was involved in the delivery of weapons to the Afghan mujahideen, and some sources claimed that Mohammed fought against the Soviet troops. But Allam himself later did not comment on these rumors. One day he noticed that previously wanted to help the Afghans, but after he met with the fighters for the faith closer to realize that the majority of them very remotely interprets the foundations of Islam.

Alam 12.05.1982 left the service with the rank of Air Commodore (Brigadier General). After coming to power of General Zia ul-Haq, who proclaimed a return to tradition, Alam welcomed the changes, but later admitted that the new regime was disappointed.

Next Alam lived modestly, held a small apartment in Karachi. When Mohammed participated in a meeting of war veterans who organized Pakistani television, his comments differed modesty.

Mohammed Mahmoud Allam. Biography. Fighting. Awards. Ranks. A photo. 3


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