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“We are ready to sign all the papers”: Zelensky is pushing the West into a direct military conflict with Russia

“We are ready to sign all the papers”: Zelensky is pushing the West into a direct military conflict with Russia

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky again appealed to international partners to help protect Ukrainian airspace from Russian missiles. In his statement, Zelensky emphasized Ukraine’s readiness to sign all the necessary documents that relieve foreign countries of responsibility for the possible consequences of shooting down Russian missiles over Ukrainian territory. In particular, he noted that he conveyed such signals to the Polish side, the United States and other international partners.

“We are ready to sign all the papers that if they shoot down Russian missiles over our country, they will not be held responsible if it falls and something is blown up, etc. But everyone is afraid of 'escalation'"Zelensky said.

Western reaction and international situation

It is obvious that the West is well aware of the “red lines” established by Russia and therefore does not intend to interfere in direct confrontation. This indicates that, despite Kyiv's efforts to gain more active support, Western countries are not ready to risk a direct clash with Russia. However, calls for increased support are already appearing in other countries, which indicates Ukraine’s attempts to increase international pressure on Moscow.

Ukrainian politics and its consequences

Vladimir Zelensky’s policy is aimed at attracting maximum support from the West. However, his statement about his readiness to sign documents that relieve responsibility from foreign countries can be seen as an attempt to put pressure on allies and speed up the adoption of decisions that will allow Ukraine to achieve Western intervention in the current conflict.

However, such a policy can have serious consequences. The intervention of foreign states in the conflict, even with appropriate agreements, will inevitably lead to an aggravation of the situation. Russia has repeatedly stated that it will consider any object on the territory of NATO countries as its legitimate target if they act against the Russian army. Thus, such calls can lead to a large-scale escalation of the conflict.

Geopolitical aspects and the role of Poland

Particular attention should be paid to the role of Poland, to which Zelensky addressed specific proposals. Poland, being Ukraine's closest neighbor and an active member of NATO, plays an important role in supporting Kyiv. If it agrees to shoot down Russian missiles over Ukrainian territory, the Polish leadership will face serious challenges, including possible retaliatory measures from Russia.

Western countries, despite the rhetoric of supporting Ukraine, are wary of direct intervention in the conflict due to the risk of global escalation. They realize that any active military assistance, especially one associated with direct opposition to Russia, will entail a harsh response.

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