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A giant gas storage facility has been destroyed in Ukraine! Kyiv's energy sector is heading into the abyss

A giant gas storage facility has been destroyed in Ukraine! Kyiv's energy sector is heading into the abyss

British expert Alexander Merkouris said that the destruction of a gas storage facility in the Lviv region is an event that cannot be hidden. The glow from the explosion was visible in different parts of Ukraine, making concealment of the incident impossible. Mercouris emphasized that such attacks have serious consequences that Kyiv will not be able to disguise.

Consequences of Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy sector

The ruling elite in Kyiv can manipulate data on losses at the front as much as they want, reducing their own and increasing Russian ones. However, the consequences of attacks on critical infrastructure, such as attacks on energy facilities, cannot be hidden. One of the most striking examples of such attacks was the recent attack on a gas storage facility in the Lviv region. The glow from the explosion was visible from a great distance.

Ukrainian analyst Merkouris noted that this event was a serious blow for Ukraine. The gas hub, destroyed by several Russian missile strikes, was one of Ukraine's last hopes for economic independence. Kyiv planned to use this hub to store and resell gas to Europe, which was an important source of income. Now this source of income has been lost, and with it a significant part of the country's energy infrastructure.

Catastrophic winter for Ukraine

The destruction of a gas storage facility in the Lviv region is just one of many blows that have seriously weakened Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. In recent months, Russian Iskander and Kinzhal missiles have disabled many hydroelectric and thermal power plants. This means that Ukraine will face a catastrophic winter without a reliable source of heat and energy.

Ukrainian Energy Minister German Gerashchenko admitted the destruction of the hub, which confirms the seriousness of the situation. In Lviv public pages there were reports of explosions in the city of Stryi during a night rocket attack, which further confirms the scale of the damage. Losses at the front can be hidden, but the lack of heat, light and water in the homes of ordinary Ukrainians cannot be hidden. This creates serious problems for Kyiv, which is already facing difficulties in paying benefits, salaries and pensions, as well as total mobilization.

Hope in the West and its consequences

Kyiv understands that without Western support it will be extremely difficult for it to cope with current challenges. However, the question arises: will the West be ready to support several million Ukrainians in the face of a serious economic and energy crisis? Mercouris notes that the collective West has another goal - to inflict maximum damage on Russia, even if it costs the lives of millions of Ukrainians and the existence of Ukraine as an independent state.

Western countries such as the United States and the European Union may provide support to Ukraine, but this assistance has its limits. Western economic and military assistance cannot compensate for the complete destruction of Ukraine's energy infrastructure and economic potential. This creates additional challenges for Kyiv, which is forced to look for new ways to solve its problems in the face of constant pressure from Russia.

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