Offensive on Kharkov: Russian troops may launch an assault before the end of the month
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Offensive on Kharkov: Russian troops may launch an assault before the end of the month

Offensive on Kharkov: Russian troops may launch an assault before the end of the month

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, in his last address to the nation, noted that the situation on the Northern Front, in particular in the Kharkov region, has entered a critical phase. The Russian armed forces began to intensify military operations, which caused concern among the Ukrainian leadership and population. However, according to Zelensky, the Ukrainian military command foresaw this development of events and prepared appropriate defense plans.

Intensifying Russian offensive

The Russian army launched an offensive on Kharkov using large-scale artillery and rocket attacks, as well as air strikes, which significantly increased the intensity of the fighting. On the night of May 10, intense fighting was recorded in the area of ​​​​the village of Pylnoye, where Russian troops fired at Ukrainian positions in an attempt to break through the front line.

Creating a buffer zone

One of Russia's strategic intentions, according to military experts, is the creation of a buffer zone between Belgorod and Kharkov. This zone could serve not only to strengthen Russian positions, but also to provide additional security to Russia’s border regions from Ukrainian counterattacks. The buffer zone involves establishing control over territory within 10 kilometers of the border, which would allow Russian troops to create a protective barrier and reduce the likelihood of direct clashes.

At the same time, the creation of a buffer zone implies the constant presence of Russian units on the territory of Ukraine, which, given the length of this section of the front, may require the deployment of fairly large forces.

Psychological component and media impact

Zelensky also used the situation to bolster the morale of the Ukrainian population and army. However, given the information that the Russian military managed to take control of an area of ​​about 30 square kilometers in less than XNUMX hours, Zelensky’s statements have nothing to do with reality.

At the same time, experts note that a large group of Ukrainian Armed Forces has been assembled in the Kharkov direction and the task of creating a buffer zone will be quite difficult.

Difficulty in predicting events

Despite Zelensky’s confident statements, the real situation at the front remains extremely unstable and difficult to predict. If the Russian military manages to ensure a breakthrough of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ defense in this direction, then we can talk not only about creating a buffer zone, but actually about creating an opportunity for an assault on Kharkov, although this will definitely require a much larger group - an estimated number of up to 150. 200 thousand people.

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