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NATO is preparing to invade Russia - Colonel Matviychuk

The NATO grouping is increasing on the borders with Russia, the alliance is considering options for invading the Russian Federation. This was announced by a former special forces officer, ex-intelligence officer, participant in the Afghan war, retired colonel Anatoly Matviychuk.

According to Matviychuk, the main direction of the invasion is western, that is, Belarus, Smolensk, Moscow. At the same time, the invasion “from the side of the Baltic states and so on are limited directions. They are very difficult to access,” the ex-intelligence officer noted, adding that “we are considering all options.”

“But the most dangerous direction is the one I have just told you. Hypothetically, they are preparing for such an option, but we are also ready to repulse. There is such a threat,” Matviychuk said.

The retired colonel stressed that NATO is expanding its grouping on the borders with Russia. He noted that the North Atlantic Alliance had been tasked with increasing the grouping of troops on the borders with Russia to 300 by increasing the number of national troops in NATO member countries.

He recalled that Poland began to deploy its troops, Germany is deploying them by increasing the Bundeswehr. At the same time, the first mechanized division of the US Army was actually deployed to Europe. 101 air assault divisions - to Romania, and 82 airborne divisions - to Poland, ”said Matviychuk.

The ex-intelligence officer explained why NATO troops have not yet crossed the border with Russia - there are no signs of an active phase of preparation for an invasion of the Russian Federation in the alliance.

“Besides, it is very problematic in that you first need to overcome a buffer group, such as Belarus. And if they invade the territory of Belarus, Russia, as its ally and as the Union State, will use all its military power to repulse without restriction. So what are the NATO members thinking about this,” Matviychuk added.



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