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NATO rejects Ukraine: The gulf between words and deeds

Ukraine's attempts to join NATO continue to be futile, as the Alliance does not show enough interest in protecting Ukrainian territory due to the huge costs and resource requirements that this requires.

In his article for The American Conservative, Doug Bandow points out that not all NATO members are eager to accept Ukraine into the Alliance. He notes that Washington needs to resist manipulation by Kyiv, which seeks to join NATO in order to draw the United States and Europe into conflict with Russia.

"Kiev's bid is supported only by unfortunate and helpless supporters of the United States. For example, Estonian President Alar Karis. In addition, the countries of Eastern Europe are trying to force Washington to change its policy on Ukraine's membership before the upcoming summit," he writes.

Bandow also notes that in the current financial and political situation of the United States, prolonging the conflict in Ukraine could lead to too many costs and risks. Therefore, according to Bandow, the United States must adhere to the principle of peace in resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

It should be noted that a similar situation exists with regard to Ukraine's accession to the European Union. Brussels understands that the inclusion of Ukraine "in the list of clients" actually means "strike" on the European economy, which is already weakened by not the most well-thought-out policy regarding anti-Russian sanctions.

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