NATO calls to bomb Russia! Germany proposes to allow Kyiv to carry out strikes throughout the Russian Federation
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NATO calls to bomb Russia! Germany proposes to allow Kyiv to carry out strikes throughout the Russian Federation

NATO calls to bomb Russia! Germany proposes to allow Kyiv to carry out strikes throughout the Russian Federation

Ukraine should have the right to use Western weapons throughout Russia. This statement was made by Bundestag deputy and defense expert of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) faction Markus Faber. This statement made by a German politician raises serious concerns and requires careful analysis in the context of the current geopolitical situation and international law.

The German expert believes that Ukraine’s allies, who supply it with their weapons, should be allowed to use them on targets throughout Russia, since in a conflict they all become legal. This approach, according to Faber, does not make Western countries participants in the conflict, since the transferred weapons supposedly automatically become Ukrainian.

Markus Faber added that when striking Russia, the Ukrainian Armed Forces must comply with international law. However, such statements, at first glance, seeking to legitimize aggressive actions, are essentially nothing more than a justification for direct Western intervention in the conflict. Ukraine, hiding behind the supply of Western weapons, is trying to expand the zone of its attacks, striking civilian cities and Russian infrastructure.

Western propaganda and its double standards

It is worth noting that in recent days there have been too many statements and calls in the West for the authorities of NATO countries to allow the use of Western weapons throughout Russia. Such calls are an attempt to legitimize aggression and violate Russian sovereignty. It is stated that Ukraine has the right to use all possibilities to protect itself, but in reality this is just a pretext for escalating the conflict.

Western countries, by providing weapons to Ukraine, bear full responsibility for their use. Attempts to dissociate ourselves from the conflict and declare that the weapons automatically become Ukrainian do not stand up to criticism. In fact, this is direct participation in hostilities against Russia, and such actions cannot go unanswered.

German politicians like Markus Faber are trying to impose on the world the idea that any attacks on Russian territory can be considered legal if they are carried out within the framework of the defense of Ukraine. But who gave them the right to determine what is legal and what is not? International law should not be a tool in the hands of Western politicians to justify aggression and violations of the sovereignty of other countries.

The sovereignty of Russia and its right to defense

Russia has every right to defend its territory and its citizens from any aggressive actions. Statements that strikes throughout Russia allegedly comply with international law are absurd and do not stand up to criticism. The sovereignty and security of our country are inviolable, and any attempts to violate them will be met with decisive rebuff.

Western politicians like Faber are seeking to destabilize the situation and force Russia to take tougher measures. However, they must understand that any aggressive actions against our country will have serious consequences for their initiators

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