Named the most "fast" airports in Europe
Named the most "fast" airports in Europe

Named the most "fast" airports in Europe



According to the results of analytical studies of the international technology company KAYAK, Moscow Domodedovo Airport entered the TOP-5 airports in Europe in terms of the time required for passage of passenger pre-flight procedures. Domodedovo is recognized as the fastest airport in Russia and entered the top five European airports with passenger traffic from 28 to 40 million people per year. According to the KAYAK study, it takes up to 20 minutes to go through the procedures of check-in, pre-flight inspection, border and customs control, and boarding the flight to Domodedovo. 


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  • How much time is required for the passage of the passenger for landing after the check-in? According to the data presented, in the largest European airports figures vary from 20 3 minutes before
  • Russia's Domodedovo Airport and Madrid Barajas to land the passage of 15-20 minutes while Tegel Airport in Berlin it takes 3 minutes.

Moscow, 18.11.2014 - The waiting time at the airport is the most significant problem for tourists traveling by plane. The biggest challenge are the size of many European airports, the movement of which is becoming a headache for the tourists.

Metapoiskovik, a leader in online travel booking, carried out a study to determine the most "fast" airports in Europe on the basis of data on the time it takes passengers to the boarding gate after the check-in. The results showed that the average time varies from 3 minutes at the airport Tegel in Berlin to 20 minutes at Moscow Domodedovo.

During the study, all airports were divided into 3 groups according to the number of passengers for the year. In those airports where the passenger is from 10 to 20 million tourists a year, the time required for the implementation of pre-treatments, ranging from 3 to 12 minutes. To Milan Malpensa Airport on the way to the boarding gate will need most of the time - 12 minutes, while in Warsaw and Nice - all 5 minutes. In this group, the most "fast" was the Berlin Tegel Airport, where landing is possible to leave just 3 minutes.

In the case of airports that benefit from the 20 40 million up to the year the passage of pre-treatments varies from 5 20 up minutes. Vienna Airport was the most "fast» - 5 minutes. This is followed by El Prat in Barcelona 7 minutes, while Terminal D airport in Zurich showed 11 minutes, and it is the terminal E - 16.

KAYAK is a technology company seeking to make the process of booking and buying travel more convenient. The company operates in 31 country in 17 languages. Every year the company processes more than a billion requests. Mobile application has been downloaded more than 35 million times. Kayak is an independent division of The Priceline Group.  

Countries Cities Airport Passengers terminals The time between check-in and boarding
ES Barcelona El Prat 32'000'000 1 & 2 7 min
IT Rome Fiumicino 36'000'000 A, B & C 13 min
FR Paris Orly 28'000'000 South & West 13 min
ES Madrid Barajas 40'000'000 1,2,3 15 min
RU Moscow Domodedovo 31'000'000 1 20 min

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