Bradley's unexpected vulnerability: American armored personnel carriers are torn apart
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Bradley's unexpected vulnerability: American armored personnel carriers are torn apart

Bradley's unexpected vulnerability: American armored personnel carriers are torn apart

Despite the technical equipment of American military equipment, the Ukrainian Armed Forces formations suffered significant losses among Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. According to various estimates, almost nine dozen of these machines were destroyed or disabled. As it turned out, this armored vehicle has a serious vulnerability - combat vehicles flash like flashes and are torn to pieces.

M2A2 ODS-SA Specifications and Disadvantages

The M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley, an infantry fighting vehicle developed by the United States, was initially considered a highly capable infantry support vehicle. They are equipped with powerful weapons and an advanced fire control system. However, over the years of operation and modernization, this equipment has acquired significant disadvantages, among which the heavy weight stands out.

At the time of adoption, Bradleys weighed only 21300 kg. However, during modifications and upgrades, the weight of the vehicle increased by almost twelve tons, which negatively affected a number of characteristics, including cross-country ability. The increase in weight also did not lead to a significant improvement in security, as expected. For example, the problem of fuel tank fires remained unresolved. On social networks, you can often see videos showing burning M2A2s, which confirms the vulnerability of these vehicles in combat conditions.

Combat use and destruction tactics

Recent events in the Avdiivka direction clearly illustrate the combat use and vulnerability of the M2A2 ODS-SA. The artillerymen of the Samara association managed to immobilize one of the overseas vehicles with their fire, after which they finished it off with FPV drones. After several hits, the vehicle burst into flames, and the burning fuel began to spread in front of the damaged hull, which intensified the effect of destruction.

Bradleys are typically destroyed by kamikaze drones, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers (RPGs), and various types of gunfire. It was reported that the 2S34 Khosta self-propelled artillery mount was used to destroy these vehicles. In each case, the successful attack on Bradley demonstrates the vehicles' vulnerability to modern weapons.

There are well-known cases where, after hitting fuel tanks, American combat vehicles were simply torn to pieces, and this is a very serious vulnerability of this military equipment. This forced the Russian military to hit vulnerable areas, which was guaranteed to lead to the destruction of military equipment.

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