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Unsuccessful sanctions. The decline in passenger traffic from Russia to the EU.
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Unsuccessful sanctions. The decline in passenger traffic from Russia to the EU.

Unsuccessful sanctions. The decline in passenger traffic from Russia to the EU.


Today we can say with confidence that European sanctions against Russia are really starting to act, moreover, it concerns not only the countries against which they were directed, but also of the Europeans, as the latest aviation news demonstrate that, on average, ridership Russian tourists in the EU decreased by 40%, at the same time, a small country, enriches for the most part because of tourism, are already beginning to sound the alarm, but, unfortunately, unable to do anything.



By imposing sanctions against Russia, Europeans hardly thought about what would happen after the actual profits of ordinary people and companies shrank, and eventually it turned out that those of the countries that had been most in favor of imposing sanctions on Russia were suffering more Total. The greatest damage from all countries is at the moment Lithuania, where passenger traffic declined by 73%, while tourism itself is really not really, as most Russians actively used Lithuania as an intermediate country for further flights to other European countries. Of course, the reduction in the number of tourists means that the losses on international air routes are borne by local air carriers, in particular experts, note that passenger traffic from local airlines is likely to have fallen by 15-19%, which is very catastrophic for small countries.



Another unfortunate circumstance of the imposed sanctions is a reduction in the exchange rate of the Russian ruble, which, of course, beats the state treasury of the Russian Federation, but at the same time leads to complications for foreign airlines. As you know, not so long ago, airlines from the EU increased the cost of air tickets on the flights operated, which of course allows, in turn, Russian air carriers to compete successfully in the field of international air transportation. Of course, this is the time when far from favorable services for passengers are created, but the very fact that the sanctions turned out to be nothing more than "thrown in the dark room by rakes, to which the European Union methodically sets in", makes you think about returning normal volumes of passenger transport. Naturally, Russian air carriers, which suffer mainly because of the need to pay for foreign airliners in leasing, are not doing well under the conditions of sanctions, however, in the near future this issue should be decided by the transition to the operation of domestic aircraft, in this connection, That the further escalation of the situation will force the EU to abandon the attempt to financially strike Russia, otherwise the sanctions will be even more painful for the interests of different countries.


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