Nicholas Radchenko. The irreplaceable assistant pilot.
Nicholas Radchenko. The irreplaceable assistant pilot.

Nicholas Radchenko. The irreplaceable assistant pilot.

This story happened to a pilot named Nikolai Radchenko. During the war he flew in single the Il-2.

Nicholas Radchenko. The irreplaceable assistant pilot.

Once Nikolai Konstantinovich sheltered a street dog. Each time, when the pilot returned from the flight, the dog was waiting for the owner in the aircraft landing area. Once after the repair of attack aircraft, it was necessary to make a flight around the airfield. Nikolai Konstantinovich decided to take the dog with him, ride. He thought that all the same there was more space in the cockpit than in the fighter. And the "dead loop" on it is also not done. Nikolai Konstantinovich put the dog back in the muzzle, put his paws on his armor armor and went flying.

Nicholas Radchenko. The irreplaceable assistant pilot.

Once aviator going to go to land, when the dog suddenly so much angry that the hair stood up on end. And barking dog right hoarse. Radchenko looked around, but saw no one. But this is not surprising, because the "IL" aircraft visibility is very bad, especially if you look back and down.

Still, the pilot felt that the dog is angry without reason and immediately sent a plane down into the left slide. At the same moment by the right wing of a huge number of bullets flew, and flew several aircraft Bf-109 and Fw-190.

Nicholas Radchenko. The irreplaceable assistant pilot.


Nicholas Radchenko. The irreplaceable assistant pilot.


From that moment on, Nikolai Konstantinovich flew only with his dog, who always looked back and menacingly barking exclusively at Bf-109 and Fw-190. He did not bark at non-enemy airplanes. The most important thing is that the dog reacted even to planes that did not come into view, but dropped in from below.

I wonder how a dog could distinguish the sound of enemy aircraft even over the noise of the engine?

The fact is very interesting! But do not forget that a dog's hearing sharper several orders of magnitude than that of humans, so she could easily distinguish the sounds of German planes and warn about the dangers of the host, which is also characteristic of the dogs. Dog Devotion saved the life of a man throughout history.

Writing in the article, is really a fact. Save the document and record chasnoe ochividtsev confirms it. German planes detect dog in any situation and at all times during the flight, and this is an exaggeration, we do not know, but it could be in many cases. The dog has a good memory, not weak intellect and excellent hearing. The sound she could hear before 1go mission that is the sound of the enemy could learn from its memory if ingested or used under Aktakom see people's reactions when raids Krauts. He is barking because it was aware of the danger, to themselves and each other, the dog man's best friend.

Animals are generally much wiser than we are. And smart people still know how to listen to them. A hearing and instinct in dogs really are that warn about a person, in principle, would have guessed ...

Yes, indeed this story is valid, it was !!!



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