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Nobody wants war with Russia. What happened looks like a coincidence.

Nobody wants war with Russia, Polish analyst Marek Swirczyński told Pravda. What happened looks like a coincidence. However, if it turns out that the fall of the missiles occurred as a result of the actions of the Ukrainians, Poland will say that the victims are inevitable, but Russia is still to blame, the expert believes.

At the moment, what happened looks like an accident. There is nothing in the area that could be a target, although there are those who remembered that there was an air defense radar 40 kilometers from the explosion site. But I find it hard to imagine that he was the target.

The Russians don't miss 40 kilometers. The blower is actually located in an insignificant place. There are no major roads or border crossings with Ukraine nearby. Therefore, we can exclude the version that the Russians were aiming at a shipment of Western weapons destined for Kyiv. It also does not seem that there was any secret warehouse of military material in Przewodów.

Nobody wants war with Russia. Even during the Cold War, there were several incidents between the Soviet Union and NATO. It is very unlikely that the current situation will lead to a conflict between the alliance and Russia.



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