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Northrop TELEM
Northrop TELEM

Northrop TELEM

Checker - it's a multi-purpose UAV, which was developed by the American company Northrop. The system is used as target drones. Checker is equipped with an engine that develops a craving 82 kg. During take-off used 2 rocket booster, which are suspended under the wings. Several of these UAVs used Israel's army in the war Yona Kippur. UAVs were assigned the designation Telem. UAV was used to detect enemy targets. UAV is equipped with a camera, but after the war it was replaced by a video camera.

NorthropTELEM. Characteristics:

Modification Checker
Wingspan, m 1.76
Length m 3.80
Height, m 0.71
Wing area, m2 4.20
Weight, kg  
null 106
takeoff 223
engine's type 1 TRD Williams
Thrust, kgf X 1 82
Maximum speed km / h 927
Flight distance, km 3200
Practical ceiling, m 4050


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