A new stage in the development of aircraft engines A350

A new stage in the development of aircraft engines A350



Representatives of the Rolls-Royce company claims to have developed the most efficient in the world aircraft engine.

The latest development of the engine Trent XWB, manufactured by Rolls-Royce, is set to A 350 and is undergoing flight performance tests. In the production of the engine used new technology specifically designed to reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption. This is the final touch in a fierce battle between Airbus and Boeing, which recently launched a new model of aircraft Dreamliner.


a350 engine

Rolls-Royce has a fierce competition for market share of aircraft engines with the American company General Electric. Orders for aircraft engines worth billions of dollars, and for them there is a persistent struggle.


Rolls-Royce is fierce

competition for the market

aircraft engines with US

company General Electric

The Trent has been specifically designed for the aircraft Airbus 350 800-900-1000 and according to the company have been implemented 1200 units. Modification of the Trent XWB is designed for installation in model A 350-1000 and includes all the latest technological developments of the company.

Primarily affect motor diameter which is equal 299 centimeters. The blades are made of titanium, hollow inside, but strengthened a special reinforced mesh to give greater rigidity and strength elements. Size fan allow to absorb a large volume of air reaching the high compression ratio. The larger volume of air is injected engine, the higher the capacity and efficiency of the compression process. When the mixture of fuel and air is ignited, the combustion temperature reaches 2200 degrees Celsius.


a350 engine


This is a much higher combustion temperature of the mixture than was achieved in previously produced engines. The combustion temperature of the mixture at 2200 degrees Celsius is 700 degrees higher than the melting point of the components from which the combustion chamber and the turbine blades are made, which are driven by the expanding gas. To prevent overheating in each turbine blade, 300 tiny holes with a diameter of human hair are drilled. This allows to cool the working surfaces of the engine elements by creating a thin air film. To withstand such high temperatures and huge pressure - 68 turbine blades are made of nickel alloy, using a special technology to prevent the appearance of internal cracks.

The company's engineers managed to apply the most advanced technologies for the production of engine, reaching its efficient operation. On average, aircraft engines are more economical to 1% every year over the past two decades.

Airlines faced with rising fuel prices, trying to reduce costs through more efficient engines and thus increase the effectiveness of their work.


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