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22 of aviation training center GA
22 of aviation training center GA

OAO Aviation training center number 22 civil aviation



"Aviation training center number 22 civil aviation" formed by the middle of training aviation experts of civil aviation in March 1956 years.

During the reform of the former UTO transformed into Open Joint Stock Company "Aviation training center number 22 civil aviation." Since May 2011, his head man, fairly well-known in the field of civil aviation - honored pilot, Commander of the Order "For Merit", PhD Evgeny Lobach.

OAO Aviation training center number 22 1 civil aviation


Training center conducts theoretical training, training, re-training of cabin and flight crew, technical and engineering personnel, employees of the airline and airport ground services. Also held an initial theoretical training pilots for R-44 and EC-120 helicopters simulator training of flight crews on simulators of complex CCC Yak-42, CCC Yak-40, CCC AN-74 aircraft, complex and simple weather conditions with simulated malfunctions and failures.

OAO Aviation training center number 22 2 civil aviation


Currently active modernization of training systems and educational buildings of training center. Including installing new, modern fitness equipment in the range of Boeing and Airbus, development, installation and creation of a new training complex for rescue training of the land / water with the possibility of recreating emergencies on board aircraft.

OAO Aviation training center number 22 3 civil aviation


In addition to the traditional full-time form of training of aviation personnel training center actively introduces distance learning system for cabin and flight crews on planes B-757, In-737 NG, A-320, 319, 321, In-767... It is planned to transfer to the electronic form of training programs for domestic aircraft and the training of employees of ground services for use in distance learning system.

Training center prepares aviation personnel for major airlines and aviation companies.

OAO Aviation training center number 22 4 civil aviation


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