OAO Sibir Airlines Training Aviation Center
OAO Sibir Airlines Training Aviation Center

OAO Sibir Airlines Training Aviation Center



JSC "Airlines S7 Training («Siberia») Aviation Training Center was founded in 2004 year as an autonomous nonprofit educational organization.

S7 Training has modern training facilities, ensures the implementation of different types of basic training, advanced training and re-training of ground staff and crew members. On the basis of a full school ATC operates the flight attendants and flight attendants are trained in areas of aviation safety, FFS, radio, aviation medicine and aviation English. The use of modern aircraft simulators: complex (FFS) and procedural (FTD) guarantees the high quality of training of aviation personnel in any area.

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S7 Training also produces high-quality training of crew members and flight attendants, ground training and engineering (ITP) personnel.

S7 Training has certified the authorized body in the field of civil aviation for more than eighty training courses for aviation personnel.

Training at the center is carried out by highly qualified teaching staff, including those trained in world-renowned training centers and flight instructors with extensive experience in the use of modern aircraft.

Training facilities equipped with modern technical means of training, the latest aviation simulators.

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While studying a foreign language (English) on the new ICAO standards in the training center used by multimedia technology, making it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of training and the quality of the educational process and.

The training center has a modern complex with simulators for carrying out preparation for emergency rescue operations, which makes it possible to simulate different types of emergency situations that occur on board the aircraft (aircraft).   

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In S7 Training today introduced no analogues in the Russian program Multi-crew Cooperation Course, enabling graduates of flying schools successfully develop modern aircraft types Boeing 737 и Airbus A320.

The center is located near the Domodedovo International Airport, which allows students to quickly get to the place of training using the corporate bus.  

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Website: s7training.ru


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Hello! Is it possible for you to get to the training without the knowledge of the English language ?!

How did you get on pervonanalnoe training? VLEK took place in the city of Novosibirsk.


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