JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise"
JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise"

JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise"

KumAPP (open joint-stock company Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise) is a Russian / Soviet aircraft manufacturing plant located in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the city of Kumertau. The plant produces Ka-27, Ka-226, Ka-31 type helicopters. The number of employees is 4 429 people.

JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise"

A bit of history

On the basis of mechanical-repair plant in 1962 was built aircraft factory. The plant in 1968 year produced the first helicopters Ka-26. The company in 1972 has received the new name - Kumertau Helicopters; 1977 years with principal place of business aviation among Kumertau production association.

JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise"

Serial production of UAVs in 1973-1989 years.

Production of the aircraft M-17 «Geophysics» v1974-1978 years.

The factory produced the wing Tu-154 1974-1980 in years.

The plant took part in the program of construction of the Space Shuttle "Buran" in 1982-1985 years.

Combining reorganize in KumAPP in 1992 year.

It was planned to establish at the plant the preparation of IL-112 (transport aircraft) in 1994, but this was never realized.

The factory produced products in 1286 2006 million rubles a year.

A change in the ownership of FSUE at OJSC KumAPP, the factory produced 15 helicopters, that is, products for 2301 million rubles in 2008 a year.

JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise"

Current production

Currently KumAPP produces these types of helicopters:

  • search and rescue Ka-27 SS;
  • transport and combat Ka-29; Ka-xnumx;
  • Ka radar-31;
  • middle-class multi-purpose Ka-32A;
  • multipurpose Ka-32A11VS;
  • multi-purpose light Ka-226.

The Chinese association Itun in 2013 entered into a cooperation agreement with the joint-stock company Russian Helicopters, according to the terms of which Itun organizes the production and assembly of Ka-32A11BC helicopters. "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise" is scheduled to be converted to the category of aggregate production (it will produce only units for the construction of helicopters, which will be produced in China).

JSC "Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise"

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