JSC "Kuznetsov"
JSC "Kuznetsov"

JSC "Kuznetsov"

Kuznetsov (full name Kuznetsov Open Joint-Stock Company) is a Russian machine-building company, as well as an enterprise of aerospace and aircraft engine-building. The company is located in Samara. Wore the name of OJSC “Motorostroitel” until April 2010.

In 2010, due to preparations for a merger, Motorostroitel OJSC was renamed Kuznetsov OJSC. In 2011, OAO SKBM, OAO NPO Volga AviTI, and OAO SNTK named after ND Kuznetsov were merged with OAO Kuznetsov.

In 1912, behind the Semenov Gate in Moscow, the plant “Gnome” was built, producing motors with the same name, 60 horsepower. In 1918, the plant was declared state property, and it was given a registration number 2. Produced twelve cylinder engines with water cooling.

JSC "Kuznetsov"

In 1927, after the merger of the plants No. 4 and No. 2, the plant No. 24 was formed, which was named after M. Frunze. In August, the plant No. 1941 named after M. 24 in August. M. V. Frunze was awarded the Order to them. IN AND. Lenin. In the fall of 1941, the plant was evacuated to Kuibyshev due to the danger of military operations. In July, the 1945 plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

In 1960-1966 years the plant was renamed "Organization p / 32».

Since 1967, it became known as the Kuibyshev Engine Plant them. Frunze M.V.

In May 1977, the plant was renamed the KMPO (Kuibyshev Production Association) them. Frunze M. V ..

JSC "Kuznetsov"

In October 1991 years, due to the renaming of the city, KMPO renamed SMPO (Samara Production Association).

In 1996 the enterprise was privatized back on its base formed of "Motorostroitel".

In April 2010, OJSC Motorostroitel was renamed to OJSC Kuznetsov.

JSC "Kuznetsov"

Among the main activities of the company are:

  • Production of rocket engines for carriers of the Soyuz-2 and Soyuz missiles. In this industry, OAO Kuznetsov is an unconditional monopolist. The demand of this industry is one hundred percent dependent on government orders, in particular, from the state space exploration program.
  • Produced by the engines, is fitted as standard to the carrier rocket "Soyuz", including on the instance that took into orbit the ship "Vostok" on board with the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.
  • Repair of engines for aviation of the air forces of the Russian Federation (Tu-22М3, Tu-95, Tu-160) In this sector, Motorostroitel OJSC is also a monopolist. This industry is one of the most important for the enterprise due to the ever-increasing growth rates of the state order for these services.
  • Maintenance and production of gas pumping engines. This area of ​​the market is characterized by a rather intense and currently strong competition. In addition to OAO Kuznetsov, Perm Motors, NPO Saturn, Kazan Motor-Building Production Association and others are also engaged in this sector. Although the power varies the range of engines produced, if you take the whole company are direct competitors. This market is fully focused on the needs of only one customer - RAO "Gazprom". One of the advantages of OAO Kuznetsov is the extensive experience of the history of cooperation with the gas supply industry — the state pipeline system is equipped with engines of OAO Kuznetsov since 1976.
  • Repair and manufacture of BME (modular power plants) to produce heat and electricity power 10 and 25 megawatts. This area of ​​activity is relatively new for JSC "Kuznetsov". Modular power supplied to TPP RAO "UES of Russia". Present JSC "Kuznetsov" ive this sector the market share is negligible.

JSC "Kuznetsov"

JSC "Kuznetsov"

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