OAO Moscow Helicopter Plant named after Milya M.L.
OAO Moscow Helicopter Plant named after Milya M.L.

Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M.L.

Moscow Helicopter Plant named after ML Mil - Aviation Enterprise Group "Helicopters of Russia", which is located in the Moscow region, Lyubertsy district urban-type settlement Tomilino, engaged in the development and operation of a pilot helicopters.

Established plant was chief designer Mikhail Mil in 1947 year. It includes experimental design bureau, experimental research complex, pilot production, and Flight-testing base.

The management and owners

Management Organization - Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Helicopters".

Executive Director - Michael Z. Karatkevich.

Acting General Designer - Pavlenko Nikolai Serafimovich.

General Designer - Samusenko Alexey Gavriilovich;

The main shareholder of the plant - the concern of OPK "Oboronprom" owns 80,71 percent stake

The second place in the number of shares owned by Sikorsky (United States) 9,38 percent.



At the Moscow Helicopter Plant, more than fifteen basic models of helicopters were built and designed, which were produced in more than two hundred variations.

Mi-2 multipurpose lightweight;
Mi-6 airborne heavy;
Mi-8 multipurpose medium (the series also includes Mi-171);
Mi-12 is the most massive helicopter in the world;
Mi-14 is a multipurpose amphibian;
Mi-24 transport-military;
Mi-26 transport heavy multi-purpose;
Mi-28N military;
Mi-34 training and sports light;
Mi-38 multi-purpose middle.

Annual turnover of the enterprise in 2010, 2, 638 billion rubles

Annual net income in 2010 amounted to 921,7 million rubles

The number of employees as of the year amounted to 2012 2821 people.

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