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OAO Rostvertol



"Rostvertol" - Aircraft Russian company, as well as aircraft construction enterprises of concern "Helicopters of Russia, located in Rostov-on-Don. For over sixty years the factory produced equipment related to aviation, including over forty helicopters of Mi. Enterprise in Soviet times was called "Plant № 168», zatem- RVPO (Rostov Helicopter Production Association).

Test all the helicopters repaired and produced by the company, are carried out at the airport of the plant "North Rostov-on-Don."






01.07.1939 based plant. In 1944 the plant started production of the aircraft on-2 and UT-2M, which were widely used during the Second World War. Aircraft piston-engine wooden structure made before the end of 1940-ies

In 1949 the company started mass production of Yak-14 (transport and landing gliders) with a capacity of twenty-five people. This is the first all-metal machine manufactured by the company ,.

At the plant in 1954-1955 years produced IL-40 turbojet aircraft, attack aircraft.

At the head of the plant at the sources for the helicopter industry with 1955 1980 year stood Chumachenko DM, received in 1971, the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. It is a difficult time perespetsializiroval Rostov aircraft factory for the production of a completely new type of product - helicopters.

A pioneer in the field of serial helicopter industry was Mi-1, designed by the design bureau under the guidance of ML Mil plant in 1956-1960 370 released these aircraft.


The plant was established in 1959 edition of the first troop-heavy Mi-6. In this helicopter produced work on the construction of bridges, installation of plant equipment, installation and transportation of drilling rigs and other installation and construction works. The helicopter commercially produces more than twenty years, since 1959 years. In 1964 established manufacturing plant of heavy Mi-10.

Created helicopter was to be transported to the loading platform of bulky loads weighing up to fifteen tons. Serially produced, since 1964 years. Several world records set on lifting cargo helicopter Mi-10. On the basis of the Mi-10 in 1974 year built Mi-10K (unique flying crane, which still performs successfully economic problems. Plant with 1971, the serial production of the Mi-24 (attack helicopters), with 1977 years - Mi-26 (transport helicopters).

01.07.1992 at the end of the privatization process, the Rostov Helicopter Production Complex called Open Joint Stock Company "Rostvertol".

Plant with 1980 2000 of the year led Nagibin MV, in whose honor in Rostov-on-Don was called formerly called Avenue of October.




The management and owners


The main shareholders of "Rostvertol" is - concern "Russian Helicopters" (75,06 percent stake), Federal Property Management Agency (2,35 percent), other legal entities (16 percent), individuals (6,59 percent).

Director General of the open joint stock company is Slusar BN



Left Slusar BN



Production activity


Currently, in addition to serial production of the Mi-26T (transport helicopter) and Mi-35M, Mi-24 (attack helicopters), the company also serially produces the Mi-28 (military helicopter), Mi-2A (modernized helicopter), in the process of preparation serial production of the Mi-60 MAI (the training light helicopter).



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