JSC "Rybinsk Motors"
JSC "Rybinsk Motors"

JSC "Rybinsk Motors"

JSC "Rybinsk Motors" - a Russian engineering company that specializes in the production and development of gas turbine engines for civil and military aircraft as well as ships of the Navy. The main production and management are located in the main town of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region. It is the only company of the Yaroslavl region, which was included in the list of organizations of the Russian Federation.

JSC "Rybinsk Motors"


  • Design department
    • The first experimental design office in Rybinsk;
    • Technically and Research Center in St. Petersburg;
    • Engineering Centre in Perm;
  • Production sites
    • The first production facility in Rybinsk;
    • Pilot plant in Rybinsk;
    • Tool production of ZAO Saturn - Tool Plant in Rybinsk;
    • Manufacturer and developer of small gas turbine engines and OEDB of Omsk;
  • Joint ventures with the aim of realization of the international programs
    • Design and engineering works JSC "Smartek";
    • Management of the program SaM146, SA «PowerJet» in France;
    • Manufacture of engine components and parts SaM146ZAO "VolgAero";
    • Test Engine Aircraft CJSC "Poluevo-Invest";
    • Joint Russian-Czech enterprise for the modernization and repair of equipment CJSC ReMO.

JSC "Rybinsk Motors"

The total production area is over 1 million square meters. More than 12 thousand pieces of equipment are involved in the production.

The number of employees in the enterprise as of 01.01.2006 - 17,9 thousand people. The sales volume of production in 2006 was 8 billion rubles, the net loss was 183 million rubles.

At the beginning of 2011, the American newspaper Fast Company, which specializes in the topic of modern technologies, published a ranking of leading Russian companies in innovative technologies; Rybinsk Motors OJSC ranked ninth in this ranking.

Revenue in the company amounted 2012godu 13 billion rubles. The number of employees at this point 12 thousand. Consolidated revenue (including subsidiaries and affiliates) about 20 billion rubles.

In 2008, the company launched AL-100, the most powerful supercomputer in the industry not only in Russia, but also in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The name was given to him in honor of the centenary of the birth of the company's founder, designer and scientist Lyulka Arkhip Mikhailovich, whose engines were also called "AL". Operation and launch of a 14,3 teraflops supercomputer (one second occurs with 14,3 trillions of floating-point operations) are the result of the joint work of IBM, Intel, CROC Inc., American Power Conversion and NPO Saturn.

JSC "Rybinsk Motors"

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