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Appeal to the President of Russian Federation
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Appeal to the President of Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Appeal.



We, light and ultralight aircraft pilots Russian owners landing areas, aircraft engineer, manufacturers of light and ultralight aircraft, ordinary citizens, caring for aviation, we ask you to intervene in the current situation the actual defeat of light and ultralight aircraft, which is, according to the Air Code the Russian Federation, a part of Russian civil aviation.

Aviation activities are always regulated by the state and we understand the need for such regulation. But the road to the power of the state in the field of aviation - the result of interaction between the pilots and the public administration. The result is a balance between development and safety.

We, the pilots of general purpose Russia Aviation, reasonably declare that such a balance is not in relation to light and ultralight aircraft. The most important component - the development of small aircraft - appeared for the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency secondary to safety statistics.

Under this pretext, an increasing number of bans and restrictions imposed by the regulator. But sane requirements have nothing to do with the safety practices that really need pilots, do not develop safety, do not take into account the human and financial resources of amateur pilots. Instead of investing in safety, pilots annually spend only on approval documents amount commensurate with the annual budget servicing their aircraft, as well as the months of time.

For the small aircraft control and supervision are connected all the new department, up to the Interior Ministry, the FSB and the Prosecutor General's Office, who are finding new weaknesses in the organization of flight operations easy and ultralight aviation in Russia. dominated by the principle of "less than they fly - better safety performance" In the field of public administration.

This year, after inspection by the General Prosecutor's Office, we have shown outstanding statistics fail safe. But its price - the virtual absence of growth, mass exodus of pilots from the flight rather than hard work to ensure the control environment to reduce the accident rate.

We, the pilots would like to note that aware of our responsibility. We are committed to minimizing the risks, we have family and children. Therefore, every year we offer through our Federation, RAOPA, the Presidential Commission for the development of ANI and its vision of GLONASS measures necessary for the development. We are ready to discuss with the regulator of safety concerns.

But there is no expert dialogue. Expert groups do not work, although the pilot federations have brilliant theoretical experts, practical experts, people who have years of experience in small aircraft, who know both world practice and the best practices of the Soviet period of small and sport aviation. The regulator has not created any conditions for this - neither financial nor organizational. We consider this approach to non-professional government management. We regard the normative system in terms of the aggregate as prohibitive, hampering the development of small aviation in the country. The main thing missing is the development of small aircraft as an industry.

Today, for 140 million people in the Russian Federation, we barely have 2-4 thousands of general aviation aircraft and helicopters, and only a few thousand active flying amateur pilots. For a country with such an aviation heritage as Russia, this indicator is negligible. The number of amateur pilots going "in the shade" is increasing every year. Owners of landing sites stop their activities - taxes are too high. Being industrial lands, landing sites, especially in the regions, do not earn that much money to pay the tax. Transport tax is generally barrage.

In such circumstances, amateur pilots and other persons involved in small aircraft are offenders against their will.

Most wealthy amateur pilots are leaving the country and carry out these activities abroad, because they do not want to feel the object of such intense and non-state regulation.

Vladimir Vladimirovich! We know that the state has the experience of regulation of complex systems and can adequately regulate them. Risk management, which reduces administrative costs, introduced in some state control and supervision services.

We are very concerned that in such a complex area and sensitivity as small aircraft, this does not happen.


Give specific examples of injunction:

  • In the country it is impossible to register the ownership of the aircraft remotely. Documents are accepted in one place - in Moscow, and only personally.

  • In the entire country there are only 4 aviation training center for general aviation, of which only two train drivers on ultra-light aircraft. The remaining licenses revoked.

  • One and a half years there is no training on trikes.

  • One and a half years there is no pilot training free balloons.

  • In the country it is impossible to get a license, glider pilot.

  • Over the years 20 not released any security methodical manuals for amateur pilots.

  • Presidential Decree number 147 from 21.07.1995 "On ordering the use of general aviation" is defined the need for education inspectorate general aviation for the coordination and practical support for its work. 22 years have passed, and such inspection has not yet been established.

  • The development strategy of general aviation - is absent, although such a requirement is contained in the FZ-10 «On state regulation of aviation" from 8.01.1998, the controller regulates the activity of a small aircraft is whatever strategies and guidelines.

  • Regulatory defined goals, objectives, development of AON - no.

  • The predictive performance indicators the Ministry of Transportation and the Federal Air Transport Agency is not a general-purpose aircraft.

  • Those responsible for the development of general aviation in the region - are missing. None of the territorial body of the Federal Air Transport Agency no standard unit responsible for the development of general aviation.

  • General aviation in the passport of the Federal Target Program "Development of Transport System of Russia" (sub-program "Civil Aviation") is not included.

  • With regard to the implementation of tasks arising from the Order of the President of the Russian Federation on the development of ANI, the Action Plan of the Federal executive bodies aimed at developing general aviation 6087p-P9 number of 10 2013 October, at the only 17 4 made of the Plan points.

  • Proposals for simplifying procedures and flight-based caller ID (according to the "Action Plan for the development of AON executive authorities", signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev 10.10.2013, 4.12.2013 term.) - Have not been met.

  • Proposals for the development of ANI on 2017, in development by ANI under the President of the Commission - is not adopted.

  • Government Decree number 182 from 14.02.2017 of tightened federal Terms of Use Airspace (PT TTI)

  • Aviation Studies as an object of public policy - are virtually absent.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that general aviation - it's not just wealthy Russians toy but a tool of the economy and a source of income to the budget.

Despite the deplorable situation of general aviation, it is an important player in the economy of aerial works. Here are some figures that demonstrate the economic relevance of small aircraft.


According to our estimates:

  • agricultural revolution aviation-chemical works estimated to RUB 10,5 billion. .;

  • in the field of recreational activities and tourism aviation on estimated figures turnover is about 1-1,5 billion. rub .;

  • Mapping of the market turnover, aerial photography, aerial surveillance of forests, highways, pipelines, is estimated at 500-900 mln. rub .;

  • pilot training market turnover, airline personnel was 0,5-1 billion. Rub.

However, the segment of civil aviation, performing works estimated capacity of up to 70 bn. Rub. per year, and is able to develop dynamically, even without public investment, forced almost entirely within the "gray area" of the economy. This is a consequence of fuzzy, chaotic and conflicting demands of numerous regulatory documents often do not meet the elementary logic, not to speak of expediency.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that the legislation does not provide an opportunity to invest in the continuing airworthiness of aircraft of general aviation or any means other than the family budget. However, it takes up half the family budget. We are not asking for subsidies, but we want to note that the earnings of small aircraft aviation regulated so controversial that even the regulator can not answer many questions. This problem needs to be resolved.

A separate sick topic we see the theme of educating the youth of love for aviation, and through this - participation in the patriotic movement in the country. The loss of the historically existing chain: the airplane circle - the glider club - the flying club (ATS) - the flight school of the GA or the aviation school of the VKS has already led to the fact that the Minister of Defense SK Shoigu was forced to voice the fact that there were no enough 1300 pilots in the air defense system. We pilots feel this as a shame, because all those who could and should have been interested in attracting young people to aviation, creating a reserve for the army and civil aviation, are compelled to fight daily for the right to fly to the sky of their country and to think where to get money To pay for the annual permits for the flight.

In this situation, we can see the only possible way out of the legal deadlock and bureaucratic arbitrariness only in your intervention.

No need to remind you what a geographically vast country you control, and how necessary this country, light, mobile, multifunctional and Public transport system capable to protect the forest, to take out the sick, save the lost the way, deliver mail, cargo, small groups of passengers to distant points and delight citizens and guests of scenic flights over our beautiful country.

Based on all the above, we appeal to you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, to:

  • rebuild the regulation of small aircraft for the purpose of its development based on the interaction controller and expert groups consisting of general aviation pilots;

  • to conduct an audit and a reduction of existing regulatory instruments to the status of their compliance with ICAO requirements and our reality;

  • simplify and reduce the cost of registration of light and ultralight aircraft, simplify procedures and reduce the cost of technical inspection, to ensure the implementation of these procedures in all regions of the country and the forces of the state, rather than private commercial entities, and thereby create the conditions for the legalization of thousands of sun and pilots;

  • simplify the procedure and rules for medical certification of private pilots, eliminating redundant medical claims, providing a survey of ANI personnel in all regions of the country

  • cancel impracticable strict requirements for aviation training centers and allow private pilots training in order according to the individual training p.3 article 54 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation;

  • to develop and put in place rules that allow entities ANI perform a wide range of aviation activities, including excursions to the private pilot license with a touch of not less than 200 hours, and acting as an air taxi pilot with a commercial license and the sun, with the type of certificate;

  • to stop the practice of arbitrary interpretation of the transport prosecutor's office of articles of the Criminal Code, and attempts to attract pilots ANI criminally liable for violations stipulated in the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation;

  • develop a mechanism for verification and recognition of qualifications who retired military and civilian pilots, irrespective of the passage of dismissal, as well as issuance of pilot's certificates modern design without coercion to training with beginners level students;

  • legislation to allow the use of agricultural land for the needs of selhozaviatsii and caller ID as a whole, while maintaining the level of tax on tax on agricultural land;

  • cancel the absurd requirement of PT TTI unconditional obligation of notification and plan to carry out the flight in uncontrolled airspace (class G) all airspace users;

  • abolish the practice of the use of air traffic control management (ATM) procedures and interaction with dispatchers pilots ATM supervisory and punitive purposes, do not meet the professional task manager, as any distraction from their air traffic management threatens flight safety;

  • for the purposes of interaction caller ID with the executive and legislative branches of government at the federal level and, if necessary, and with the President, to create, etc. Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Russian aviation advisory body of general aviation pilots, with the right to determine the impact of the regulatory impact on issues relating to general aviation. Members of this body to put into commission under the President on the development of ANI.


The appeal was signed 740 MAN:


  1. Abitov Rifat Alimzhanovich, born in 1956, NOU DPO ATSC "FALCON", Nizhni Novgorod
  1. Sergei Abramov, born in 1974, Ufa (amateur pilot, plaque 200 hours).
  2. Abramovskiy Vladimir Dmitrievich, 1951g.r pilot -. Amateur, Tyumen.
  3. Abrosimov Vladimir, 1958g.r, amateur pilot, aeroshyut, Novosibirsk.
  4. Averyanov Ivan Pavlovich, born in 1994 , Stary Oskol, cadet course 3 MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  5. Avtin Alexey Viktorovich, born in 1974, glider, Ust-Katav.
  6. Ageev Evgeniy G., born in 1983, the pilot of ultralight trike, Tula
  7. Ageenko Alexander, born in 1966, trike, amateur
  8. Adamenko Sergey Viktorovich 1960 born in Kislovodsk, glider
  9. Adoniev Boris. 1956 born Designer, manufacturer, pilot motor gliders, the pilot of aircraft Yak-52, 150-Cessna, Cessna-172, g.Ozёrsk Chelyabinsk region .; (Now I live in Canada).
  10. Azamatov Rinat Giniyatovich, 1956 gr, military pilot, Bashkiria, 8-927-235-29-24
  11. Azin Nail V., born in 1963, test pilot, mountains. Moscow,
  12. Aksenov Dmitri, 1971 gr, engineer Krasnoyarsk.
  13. Aksenov Nikita Alexandrovich, born in 1996, Nizhnevartovsk, cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  14. Alexander Shchukin, born in 1959, the pilot of an ultralight, Omsk
  15. Aleksandrov Vladislav Yuryevich, President of the Belgorod regional public organization "Federation of Sport Jets."
  16. Paul V. Alexandrov, the pilot SAF, Moscow
  17. Nikolai Alekseev, 1956 born navigator unit - pilot,
  18. Alekseev Sergey Ivanovich, born in 1968, Ufa, military pilot, Chief aviaorganizatsy (growth, ANI)
  19. Aliyev Darbishev Habibovich, 1974 g.r.Vertolet self-built. Dagestan
  20. Altukhov Alexey I., born in 1984, Kursk, amateur pilot
  21. Alferov Sergey G., Nalchik.
  22. Alkhimov Dmitry. 1948 born The pilot of an ultralight, glider pilot, parachutist. The President of the Smolensk region Air Sports Federation.
  23. Alkhimov Oleg Nikolaevich, born in 1970 Novosibirsk, graduate NUATS DOSAAF pilot Mi-2, reserve lieutenant.
  24. Ahlberg Ilya Viktorovich, 1987g.r., Student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  25. Leila Al-Numan Ahmedovna, born in 1969, private pilot, Moscow.
  26. Amirhanov Magomedovich Ali, born in 1960, the plane Taiger self-built. Dagestan.
  27. Amirhanov Magomed Aliev, born in 1987, the plane SIGMA-4.Dagestan
  28. Ananiev Alexey Mikhailovich, born in 1980 The pilot of an amateur. Novosibirsk city.
  29. Alexander Andreev, 1970g.r., G. Omsk, private pilot, instructor
  30. Andreev Alexey V., born in 1962 ultralight trike, pilot amateur videographer amateur, St. Petersburg.
  31. Andreev Vladimir G., 1954g.r., The pilot of ultralight trike ATK "Swift" Kostroma
  32. Gennady Andreev, 1948 born Ultralight trike. Yarovoy, Altay
  33. Andrianov, Anatoly Vladimirovich, 1952g.r., Mil. pilot, stock, Arseniev.
  34. Animitsa Konstantin G., 1975g.r., Bratislava, design engineer of aircraft, the pilot-amateur otv.sekretar NGO "OFSLA CO"
  35. Anisimov Vadim Borisovich, born in 1969, the pilot of the glider, Novosibirsk.
  36. Anokhin Mikhail Ivanovich, born in 2004, student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  37. Pavel Anokhin, ultralight pilot, ultralight trike, g.Kimry, Tver region.
  38. Antonov Alexander born in 1983 Paragliders. The Republic of Kazakhstan, Taraz
  39. Vyacheslav Antropov. 1949g.r. Member of the Siberian region ANI Commission pilot instructor SHS. Novosibirsk region, g. Kuibyshev. + 73836262888.
  40. Astafjevs Aleksey Vladimirovich, born in 1975, the pilot-athlete, instructor, type of aircraft - trike, airplane, helicopter. Mr. Vladimir.
  41. Ashirov Norikovich Rashid, co-pilot and the owner of the ultralight trike, plaque 4000 hours.
  42. Babel Evgeny V., born in 1978 Pilot - glider pilot, private pilot. 89632935373, Kaliningrad, private flying club.
  43. Babich Igor, born in 1966, pilot lover, Arkhangelsk region.
  44. Babkin Andrey Nikolaevich, the pilot SAF, 1959 gr, Moscow region
  45. Bagvikov Yuri Petrovich, 1964 gr, amateur pilot, Kursk
  46. Bagin Viktor Petrovich, born in 1955, chief navigator "Chelyabinsk flight school of civil aviation", Russia deserved military navigator;
  47. Bazhenov Sergey G., born in 1965, flight instructor free balloon, a member of the Bureau of NGO "Federation of Aeronautics of Russia", Moscow
  48. Baykovich Denis V., born in 1969 Moscow. Paragliding instructor.
  49. Baklykov Dmitry G., born in 1996, Orenburg cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  50. Balashov Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1964, Dubna.
  51. Balueva Jeanne A., born in 1968, pilot instructor, Armavir.
  52. Banshchikov Alex Evlampevich, 1966g.r, private pilot, Moscow region.
  53. Barabash Yuriy V., 1969 g.r.Rukovoditel helicopter club "Sunny", the pilot - amateur, Voronezh.
  54. Evgeny V. Leopards. 1958 born PP leader Borova Surgut
  55. Ivan E. Leopards. 1998 born The commander of the aerobatic team "Barca"
  56. Sergey Baryshnikov, 1962g.r Novosibirsk .obl, an amateur pilot.
  57. Basenok Vitaly Mikhailovich. The pilot of an ultralight. Moscow.
  58. Baskakov Igor. 1984 born The head of the Chelyabinsk regional public organization "Federation of Sport ultralight aircraft." The pilot of the glider instructor.
  59. Beloglazov Evhen 1955 born Troitsk Chelyaba. reg., amateur pilot
  60. Belorukov Dmitri, born in 1981, private pilot ANI
  61. White Andrey Viktorovich, born in 1968 The pilot of a free balloon, Sakhalin Island.
  62. White Ivan S., born in 1982, Tambov. Free balloon, glider (non-motorized), aircraft (in the future).
  63. Belyaev Alexander Borisovich. 1967 born Private pilot, PPL, plaque 1300 hours. Rostov-on-Don
  64. Alexei V. Belyaev, 1976 g.r.Regionalnaya public organization ultralight aviation (Wings of Siberia) d. Barnaul. Powered paragliding.
  65. Belyaev Denis, born in 1979, glider pilot, private pilot, Saint-Petersburg.
  66. Belyaev, Nikolai Mikhailovich. 1952g.r. Instructor pilot study SVS.Uchastnik Lake. Baikal for multispectral remote sensing with ultralight trike. Novosibirsk.
  67. Baer Catherine B., 1979, b., The pilot SAF, Omsk, Omsk region.
  68. Berestnev Alexander Borisovich. 1970g.r. Essentuki. Parachutist. Amateur aviation.
  69. Besprozvannyi Igor, 1966, b. Pilot SHS Ulan-Ude
  70. Biryukov Nikita Petrovich, born in 1987 A private pilot.
  71. Bit Yuri Franzevich, 1954 born Naval aviation -25 years. Member of the Russian-Mongolian flight on the Halkin-Gol.
  72. Blinov Vladimir Ivanovich, 1966 gr, Mikhaylovsk, Sverdlovsk region., The owner of the site "Mikhailovsky". +
  73. Blinov Sergey raid 982 hours. types NG -4, zlin 143, Yak 18t, Yak52, Morava,
  74. Bobkov Elena, born in 1974, the CCM on Sport ultralight aircraft, a board member of the NGO "Sports Federation Tula region ultralight aviation", Tula
  75. Beans Peter Albertovich. 01.01.1970 born G. Sredneuralsk
  76. Oleg Bobylev, 1979 gr .. The pilot of an ultralight. CCM. Kislovodsk.
  77. Bogachev Vadim Borisovich, 1964, the pilot of the paraglider, + 7 903 901 24 62
  78. Anna A. Bogachev, 1976, the pilot of the paraglider, Novosibirsk. +7 913 902 08 94
  79. Leonid Boyko K. pilot ultralights, aeroshyut, Novosibirsk.
  80. Bock Nikolai, 1956g.r., Amateur pilot, Obninsk, Kaluga region.
  81. Boldyrev, Mikhail Borisovich, born in 1971, the pilot SAF. Moscow
  82. Mikhail Boldyrev, 1969 born MS USSR, gliders, Moscow
  83. Irina V. Boldyrev, born in 1983, ATC cadet PF microlight pilot SHS
  84. Ian A. Baume, 1947g. pensioner uchlёt. Tyumen.
  85. Bondarev Oleg, President of the Industrial Association "Mega" in the field of technical diagnostics, Chairman of the Board ODVF, Moscow, + 7 (985) 970-97-19,
  86. 86.Bondarenko Dmitri, born in 1985 The pilot of an amateur. A private pilot.
  87. Bondarenko Taisiya Sergeevna, born in 2000 Pilot - athlete aerobatic team "Barca", Surgut
  88. Borisevsky Andrey Vladimirovich, born in 1975, the pilot SAF ultralight trike, aircraft, Kaluga region. Obninsk city.
  89. Botashev Alisher Islamovich. 1983, b. , Stavropol. The designer of aircraft amateur construction.
  90. Bronnikov Alexander 1982 gr private pilot Omsk
  91. Buzunov Alexander A., ​​born in 1951 military pilot cells and 1-24 An FAC GA, 6500 hour, Chelyabinsk
  92. Bulashev Dmitry Mikhailovich. 1965g.r. An amateur pilot, Chelyabinsk region.
  93. Bunevich Vladimir Pavlovich, free balloon pilot, Krasnodar.
  94. Burenin Alexei Alexandrovich, born in 1986, Ufa (student, amateur pilot, plaque 100 hours).
  95. Burnashev Peter, born in 1987, pilot hang gliders, Mr. .Yakutsk club "Siberian Crane."
  96. Butakov Gregory V., born in 1973, student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  97. Bukharchik Vladimir Nikolaevich, born in 1990, private pilot, Novosibirsk,
  98. Bushuyev Igor, 1964 g .. Pilot - athlete with gliders 1980g ,. SHS pilot city of Krasnodar.
  99. Bushuyev Yuriy, 1959g.r. The instructor-examiner. Hang-glider, aircraft, microlight helicopters. Bashkortostan.g.Kumertau. Pilot-athlete, the absolute champion of the Soviet Union 1989g by ALS-MOTO (double trikes).
  100. Buyankov Yuri, 1965g.r., Amateur pilot, Yelets.
  101. Vakulik Alex S., born in 1974, trike pilot, Sverdlovsk region.
  102. Valery Manshin. Paragliding. The Republic of Ingushetia.
  103. Roller Alexander. 1980 g.r.Pilot SHS. Omsk.
  104. Valiullin Refovich Jamil, born in 1969, Mr. Pugachev, Saratov region., Reserve officer, pilot instructor 2-class Mi-24. + 79271031299
  105. Vapnyar Mr. Alyaksandr, 1957, the pilot ultralight trike, Ulan-Ude.
  106. Vasenёv Victor D., gr 1947, 1 pilot -instruktor-class pilot-athlete, a plaque 5000 hour., Skydiving over 2000, Guards Aero Club, Kaliningrad.
  107. Stepan A. Wasilewski, born in 1967, the pilot-instructor of the An-2 DOSAAF, Kursk
  108. Eduard Vasilenko, born in 1968, Mineralnye Vody amateur pilot
  109. Vasiliev Vadim Semenovich, born in 1961 A private pilot, pilot -instruktor DOSAAF Cheboksary.
  110. Vasilyev Victor E., born in 1974 SHS pilot, Mr. .Ulan-Ude.
  111. Vasilyev Dmitry, born in 1988 The pilot of an amateur. St. Petersburg.
  112. Vasiukov Vladimir Alexandrovich, born in 1966, aviation engineer, Dubna, 8 9299016153 volodya101 @ yandex.
  113. Vasyuchkov Anatoly Nikolaevich, born in 1976, the cadet paragliding club "Impulse", Novosibirsk.
  114. Vashedchenko Lev, born in 1971, city Salavat (SHS pilot instructor ultralight trike, admission: training, aerial works, swoop over 5000 hours).
  115. Verkhoturov Nikita Alexandrovich, born in 1991, the pilot of an ultralight, microlight club "window to the sky" Irkutsk region, Angarsk
  116. Verkhoturova Natalia Andreyevna, born in 1993, cadets, microlight club "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  117. Verhushin Evgeny Vladimirovich, born in 1972 The pilot of an amateur. Ulan-Ude.
  118. Verhushin Egor E., born in 2000, Uch. Flight, Ulan-Ude,
  119. Verchenko Andrey, amateur pilot, glider. Yessentuki, Stavropol region.
  120. Winds Sergey Viktorovich. 1979 gr, paraglider. Penza
  121. Vechtomov Kirill V., autogyro MTO Sport plaque 600 hours. Moscow
  122. Vilhovchenko Alexander, born in 1964 Tambov region., Pilot instructor, Major stock.
  123. Vinichenko Valery V., born in 1959, the pilot-sportsman, hang-gliding, Gelendzhik.
  124. Vinogradov Sergei Kiriyenko, born in 1961, the pilot-instructor ultralight, flying club "Baikal", Irkutsk.
  125. Daniel Nikolaevich Vinogradov. The instructor glider, ultralight trike, powered parachute. More than 1500 hours.
  126. Vikhrov Victor M., born in 1967, Pskov, aircraft technician, paraglider.
  127. Volodin Denis Nikolaevich, born in 1982, President of the "Federation of Ballooning Sports of the Republic of Crimea", Feodosia, the pilot of a free balloon.
  128. Wolf Hippolyte Germanovna, 1989, the river, St. Petersburg, ALS (Glider).;, + 7 (999) 204-13-24.
  129. Volyrin Sergey, private pilot, Moscow.
  130. Vladimir Vorobiev, 1975g.r., The pilot, Mr. Moscow.
  131. Kirill V. Voronin, born in 1995, private pilot, Novosibirsk
  132. Voroshilov Alexander Yu, born in 1959, chairman of CCA "Swift", ultralight flight instructor, Kostroma
  133. Vshivkov Konstantin V., born in 1976, the pilot of the glider, Novosibirsk,
  134. Gabbassov Ildar Rauilevich, born in 1986, the pilot of a free balloon, Volzhsk, Mari El Republic.
  135. Galkin Alexander Rostov-on-Don licensed free balloon pilot, plaque 280 hours.
  136. Eugene A. Hamza, 1969g., A private pilot, Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region.
  137. Vladimir went out, the pilot, designer, Samara. 89277304647
  138. Gibert Nikolai Sergeyevich, born in 1969, the pilot-instructor "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School", a commercial pilot.
  139. Gilaev Flerovich Emile, born in 1983, the pilot of a free balloon.
  140. Gimadieva Ravilevna Maria, born in 1979, the glider pilot instructor pilot trike, Crimea Championship medalist Sla-Moto, Russian Cup medalist ALS, Feodosia.
  141. Glovatsky Alexander E., born in 1972, private pilot, Tyumen.
  142. Glushko Alexander A., ​​born in 1979, the pilot SAF, paraglider, Pyatigorsk.
  143. Golovanov Igor Mikhailovich, born in 1959, Air Force Lt. Col. stock, a military pilot instructor 1 class Master of Sports of the USSR in the airplane sport.
  144. Golovin Andrey G., born in 1966, the pilot of the glider, Orel
  145. Golub Vladislav, born in 1965, engineer, lover, Nizhny Novgorod + 79200383547
  146. Goncharov Sergey Arkadevich, 1963, b., Tyumen. Amateur aviation, pilot instructor (hang), the builder of ALS. s / t 89129290226 (
  147. Gorbachev Vitaly Vladimirovich, 25.12.1985. A private pilot, student. Yekaterinburg city.
  148. Gorbulin Igor, born in 1973 SHS pilot Ulan Ude.
  149. Burnt Eugene A., born in 1973, private pilot, Chelyabinsk.
  150. Gorlenko Sergey E., born in 1979, glider pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, Moscow.
  151. Gorodnov Dmitry V., born in 30.12.1975, Kubinka. Amateur aviation.
  152. Alexei Mikhailovich Grachev, pilot instructor ATC PF ALS "wingspan".
  153. Gribanov Vyacheslav Yakovlevich, born in 1954 Private pilot, Berdsk
  154. Gridasov Sergei Mikhailovich, born in 1970 Pilot.
  155. Viktor Gridin, head of the certification department ATC FLA
  156. Gritsenko Vyacheslav, Air Force Lt. Col. stock, Novosibirsk.
  157. Terrible Dmitry Anatolyevich, born in 1974, SHS pilot ANO "Chukotaviasport".
  158. Gumilevsky Sergey. SHS pilot.
  159. Alexander Guryanov. SHS Voronezh.1961g.r pilot.
  160. Gusev Victorine G. 1954g.r. private pilot Izhevsk
  161. Gusev Sergey born in 1957 Mechanical engineer Laidi, Volgograd.
  162. Yulia V. Gusev, born in 1989, environmentalist, spotter.
  163. Guts Alexander pilot powered parachute and autogyro.
  164. Davydov Alexander born in 1968, the pilot of "Heliekshn", + 79887444944
  165. Tatyana Davydova, 1987 born Pilot - amateur, Perm, 89194427910
  166. Dalakyan George S., born in 1982, hang-gliding, Krasnodar.
  167. Danilchuk Andrew O. pilot ultralights, Sakhalin
  168. Elena V. Dvinahova
  169. Dementiev Oleg K., born in 1958, flew in the Air Force, Rubtsovsk Altai kr.
  170. Alexander Demin 1986g.r., Amateur pilot, Feodosia Crimea
  171. Derevianko Valery, born in 1952, amateur pilot, flying club Guards, Kaliningrad.
  172. Deshkin Dmitry 1987 born, flying club "Aeroprakt" Zhukovsky, Moscow region.
  173. Dmitriev Artem Igorevich, 1979g.r. Pilot. Senior Chief Aviation helipad "Empire", Moscow
  174. Dmitry Chernyshev, born in 1982, Donetsk, Rostov region, the pilot.
  175. Dmitrachёnok Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1960, amateur pilot, a plaque 200 hours, Armavir
  176. Dolganova Hope A., born in 1979, the Pilot - athlete aerobatic team "Barca", Surgut
  177. Dolengovsky Leo Yu, born in 1961, the formation of the Kazan Aviation Institute, an amateur
  178. Dolzhenko Sergey, born in 1978, private pilot. Khabarovsk
  179. Domchenkov Matthew V., born in 1978, Volunteer Central Air Force Museum. (Moscow)
  180. Don Gennady, born in 1986, the cadet-pilot, flying club "Baikal", Irkutsk.
  181. Dragochinsky Vladimir Alexandrovich, an amateur pilot, First Deputy Director of the Siberian Research Institute of Aviation im.S.A.Chaplygina, Novosibirsk,
  182. Drobot Sergey V.. Rostov-on-Don. The pilot of an amateur. The raid 2000
  183. Drozdov Ivan Romanovich, 1991 born Glider pilot, Perm 8-961-754-39-29,
  184. Dryutov Sergei Ivanovich. 1956g.r., The pilot SAF Bratislava.
  185. Dubinin Sergey V., born in 1962 Pilot instructor FLA, expert consultant ZSU GAN FSNST Novosibirsk
  186. Dubrovin Sergey Valerevich.1972 born Mud City. Lipetsk region. amateur pilot.
  187. Dudorov Alexander O., born in 1996, St. Petersburg, MI Cadet GA (ex. UVAU GA)
  188. Dyblya Yuriy, born in 1962 A private pilot.
  189. Alexander Dyachenko, 1963 born Reserve officer, pilot 1- Grade: SS-7, 17-SU, the SU-25, 24 Su-, ultralight pilot. Moscow.
  190. Egelnitsky Vladimir A., ​​born in 1950, aviation engineer, amateur pilot,
  191. Egorov Ivan, born in 1980, the pilot-sportsman, ultralight trike ATK "Swift" Kostroma
  192. Elizariev Pavel Nikolaevich, born in 1971 Chelyabinsk. The hang-glider. Instructor experience 30 years. The head of the Chelyabinsk regional public organization "Training Center ultralight aviation" Heaven. " + 7 908-063-1233
  193. Alexander Eliseev, born in 1990 The pilot of an amateur. The hang-glider. Chelyabinsk regional public organization "Training Center ultralight aviation" Heaven. "
  194. Emelyanov Andrei Petrovich. Mechanical Engineer, TE LA and BP, the technical diagnosis and NDT AT level 3 EN4179
  195. Dmitri Emelyanov, 1977g.r. motoparaplanerist, Tver region.
  196. Emelyanov Igor, 1959, the glider, Moscow
  197. Erbulat Alaudi Mutsaevich, 1965 born Avtozhir.Tihoretsk
  198. Eremin Eugene A., born in 1980, the pilot SAF g .Kemerovo
  199. Ermakov Yuri Alexandrovich, born in 1950, Izhevsk, professional pilot retired. t.89128534932.
  200. Yermakov Vladimir Alexandrovich, born in 1968, private pilot, owner of the Sun, Cheboksary
  201. Ermolaev Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1958, pilot-instructor "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School" pilot line;
  202. Zhilin Aleksandr Nikolaevich, born in 1970, g.Aleysk
  203. Zholobov Alexander, born in 1979 SHS pilot
  204. Anatoly Zhukov. Ufa. Designer ultralight trike Beetle.
  205. Zhulenёv Anton, born in 1988, amateur pilot, St. Petersburg,    
  206. Grigory Zhuravlev, a private pilot, born in 1986, Moscow
  207. Zhuravlev Ivan, born in 1983, paraglider pilot, Orenburg. Tel + 79123426900.
  208. Zaynchkovskaya Valentina L., constructor, Homebrew, Yevpatoria, Crimea.
  209. Zakarzhaev Zakarzha Magomedovich, 1950 born Plane SP-30. The former commander of the TU-154. Dagestan.
  210. Zakarzhaev Mmagad Bbahulaevich, 1953 born Plane SP-30. Dagestan.
  211. Dawn Alexander A., ​​1965g.r. SHS pilot, gyroplane, Krasnodar
  212. Zaharov Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1957, pilot-instructor "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School" pilot line;
  213. Zayani Rifatovich Eduard, born in 1968 The instructor Pervushin.
  214. Sergei Zverev Alekovich.1966 born Samara. Military pensioner.
  215. Zdrazhevsky Oleg. 1963g.r. Military pilot instructor retired. The pilot of an amateur. Armavir
  216. Zeer Vladimir Andreevich, born in 1958, the pilot of ultralight trike ATK "Swift", Kostroma.
  217. Zelenin Lyudmila, flight instructor, Chairman of the Crimean Republican NGO "aviasportkluba".
  218. Zelencov Alexander, born in 1975, Kursk, private pilot
  219. Zerzele Peter Alexandrovich. 1978 born The pilot of an amateur. Moscow region.
  220. Zinoviev Ilona Stanislavovna General Director of LLC "AVIATOR" tel 8-999-431-22-12
  221. Zimenko George F., born in 1979 Pilot TA, head NROO "Federation aeronautic sports" Nizhny Novgorod region, the pilot of a free balloon, the champion of Russia.
  222. Znamenskaya Elvira V., born in 1975, YaNAO, Tarko-Sale. A private pilot.
  223. Zobnin Andrei V., private pilot, Tyumen.
  224. Sergey Zolotov, born in 1970 athlete paraglider with 2000g. Tula.
  225. Zolotov Mrs. Weiss, born in 1985 pilot gliders with 2003g. Tula.
  226. Alexander Zolotukhin, 1950 born amateur pilot SAF Kiselevsk, the Kemerovo region.
  227. Zorin Yuriy, born in 1987, uchlёt, Tula.
  228. Zosin Alexei Nikolaevich, born in 1971 Pilot.
  229. Zrayko Valery, Baksan CBD.
  230. Zubkov Vladimir G., 1983 gr, flight instructor SAF plaque 2400. Ultralight trike, planes.
  231. Andrei Ivanov. Director of AOPA-Russia. The pilot of an amateur.
  232. Gennady A. Ivanov, born in 1944, 34 years flight experience, plaque about 3000 hours. Ultralight trike.
  233. Gennady V. Ivakhnik. 1969 born The pilot of the glider and paraplanerist.g. Korenovsk, Krasnodar region.
  234. Ivashchenko, Anton, born in 1978, student pilot ATC PF ALS "Wingspan", Moscow
  235. Ivlev Vladimir Vladimirovich, born in 1951 Distinguished military pilot of the Russian Federation.
  236. Ignatenko Snežana S., born in 1998 Pilot - athlete aerobatic team "Barca" Surgut.
  237. Ignatov Maksim Aleksandrovich, born in 1984 gliders, sports and regional sports public organization Nizhny Novgorod Sports Federation ultralight aviation "Fifth Ocean". Nizhny Novgorod
  238. Maxim G. Ignatov, private pilot, director CHUDPO "pilot school" Romance of the sky. " + 79299364450
  239. Sergey Ignatiev, 1960 g.r.Pensioner, amateur pilot, Novosibirsk
  240. Ivan A. Ilyin, born in 1982, ultralight flight instructor, chairman of the NGO "Sports Federation Tula region ultralight aviation", a plaque 700 hours. Tula
  241. Isayev Daria Andreyevna 1988g., Preflight examination the doctor, Novosibirsk,
  242. Isakov Stanislav O., born in 1988 SHS pilot, glider pilot, Kursk.
  243. Iskander Vakilevich Buranshin, reserve officer, a military navigator 1 class plaque 1400 hours of instructor-parachutist (200 jumps) Ufa, tel8 9273361917.
  244. Aynur Ilshatovich Ismagilov, born in 1996, Ufa, pilot cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA), 3 course, 0 flight hours
  245. Kabanov Eduard Abramovich, born in 1968, Tyumen, pilot-athlete
  246. Magomed Kadyrov Parhudinovich, 1961g.r. Plane sigma 4. Dagestan.
  247. Kazakov Vasiliy, 1958 g.r.Pilot SVS.g.Izhevsk
  248. Kalaeva Marina Andreevna 1964g.r., Flight instructor, Novosibirsk.
  249. Kalashnikov Vitaliy Nikolayevich, born in 1974, trike, amateur pilot, Moscow
  250. Kalin Vasily Sergeyevich, born in 1969 The pilot paragliders, head of the sports section, "Paragliding" ASK DOSAAF. Tyumen region, g.Yalutorovsk.
  251. Edward O. Kalinin, 1971, b., Chelyabinsk. A private pilot. Plane Diamond DA20 / 100. Author of "A Practical Guide for private pilots."
  252. Kalk Vadim R., flight instructor
  253. Kanzen Anatoly Viktorovich, born in 1961 Krasnodar amateur pilot.
  254. Karabinosh Alexander, Lyubertsy, plaque 250 hours, types - TIR, Eurostar EV-97, 150-Cessna, Cessna-172, 4-Sigma, Sierra R2002.
  255. Karavaev Evgeny. Sverdlovsk region. Turinsk city. pilot trike
  256. Karapetyan Alexander Norayrovich, 1959g.r., Amateur pilot, Crimea. Theodosius.
  257. Sergey Karapetyan, 1987g.r., Pilot -lyubitel Feodosia Crimea
  258. Karasev Viktor Petrovich, born in 1953, the pilot of an ultralight, microlight club "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  259. Kargopolov Sergey Borisovich, born in 1964, private pilot, Novosibirsk,
  260. Karetkina Andrei V., pilot instructor, the first undisputed champion of the USSR in Hang Gliding. Moscow.
  261. Karetkina Vyacheslav Andreyevich, an amateur pilot. Moscow.
  262. Kartcev Boris Pavlovich, born in 1965, pilot an ultralight, flying club "Baikal", Irkutsk.
  263. Kataev Evgeny, born in 1989, parachutist instructor, Krasnodar
  264. Kaszuba Sergey Vladimirovich, born in 1965, amateur pilot, air traffic controller a / p Sheremetyevo.
  265. Kelin Vasily Mikhailovich, born in 1959, Kursk, pilot, powered paragliding, 455 hours. Angarsk, Irkutsk region. Angarsk Branch of OOO Russian FLA.
  266. Ketsko Maxim G., born in 1975, Deputy Director of "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School";
  267. Kiva Vasili Alexandrovich, born in 1957, the pilot of an ultralight, microlight club "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  268. Kireev Viktor. 26.05.1987. Commercial pilot. Moscow
  269. Kireev Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1964, the pilot of ultralight trike, Lipetsk
  270. Gennady Kirillov 1961g.r., The pilot of the paraglider pilot CBC, a private pilot, builder of light aircraft.
  271. Evgeny Kirillov, military pilot 1-grade, pensioner.g.Volzhsk Mari
  272. 266.Kirillov Oleg gene. Director of "Aviaris", Istra, Moscow region
  273. Kiryanov Vasili Alexandrovich, born in 1973, amateur pilot, Moscow
  274. Kiryanov Eugene G., born in 1946, amateur pilot, Saint-Petersburg.
  275. Vladimir Kiselev, 1990, b. Cadet flying club AON, Moscow
  276. Kislitsyn Vladimir Petrovich, 1948g.r. Head aviasportkluba ALS, SHS pilot instructor, Neryungri, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 914-240-54-38
  277. Anatoly Kirichenko, ultralight pilot, head of paragliding club "Impulse", Novosibirsk, instructor for extreme sports.
  278. Kiyash Nikolai Stepanovich, Head ATC FLA.
  279. Klёpov Nikolai. 12.04.1994. The pilot of an ultralight, athlete, CCM, winner of Russian Cups and Championships. Pyatigorsk
  280. Klimakova Aksana Ivanovna, 1972, at amateur pilot, Zhukovsky
  281. Bedbugs Yushchenko, 1952g.r. amateur pilot, Saint-Petersburg. Klyuev Andrey V., 1960, b. private pilot, Penza.
  282. Kobzev Oleg, 1967, b., Novosibirsk. Private pilot
  283. Kobzev Ekaterina, born in 1982, Novosibirsk. Private pilot
  284. Kovalev Victor Ilyich, 1953 born Aeronautical engineer, amateur pilot, g. Vladivostok.
  285. Dmitry Kovalyov, born in 1981, the pilot of powered parachute, Tula
  286. Roman A. Kovalev, an amateur pilot, 89081752921
  287. Sergey Kovalenko. 1984 born amateur pilot of the paraglider.
  288. Kovtonyuk Vladimir Alexandrovich, born in 1938 Khimki, amateur pilot, writer.
  289. Kogan Dmitry Mikhailovich, born in 1958, the athlete, the pilot - an amateur. Russia
  290. Evgeny Kozhevnikov, 1982g.r. Private pilot, aircraft technician Barnaul
  291. Kozhevnikov Pavel Petrovich, born in 1982, private pilot, pilot-2 2-An, TVS-2MS Novosibirsk.
  292. Nightjar Valery, born in 1951, the pilot, Tyumen
  293. Kozyrev Vladimir Anatolievich, flight instructor SAF aircraft, Pskov.
  294. Koklyugin Vitaly Vladimirovich, born in 1970, Head of Studies "of flight Chelyabinsk Civil Aviation School";
  295. Sergey Kolesnikov, Moscow, an amateur pilot. 8 (926) 1772653
  296. Sergey Kolesnikov, 23.01.1974; Ultralight trike, with 2013g. Mr. Peno, Tver region.
  297. Bells Igor Leonidovich, born in 1968, Moscow, an amateur pilot, Phone + 79161207316, email
  298. Koloskov, Pavel Petrovich, born in 1959, the pilot SAF Omsk.
  299. Kolpakov Nikolay O., born in 1997, Chekhov, cadet UVAU GA
  300. Kolushev Alexey, private pilot, born in 1975, Moscow region.
  301. Koltsov Maxim Andreyevich, 1987 born A private pilot.
  302. Sergey Komarov, born in 1973 A private pilot. Head of Aviation Training Center "".
  303. Commissioners Vladimir O., 1970 gr pilot ultralight trike ATK "Swift" Kostroma
  304. Evgeny Kondratiev, 1976 born in Moscow, founder of Frontline Avioniks - the only Russian manufacturer of electronic instrumentation for aircraft of general aviation.
  305. Kondratyev Kirill, born in 1989 Barnaul. Pilot.
  306. Sergey Konovalov, 1981g.r., Cadet SVS, gyro, St. Petersburg.
  307. Kopylov Sergey, born in 1982 amateur pilot, Krasnodar
  308. Korepov Sergei Abramovich, born in 1962 Pilot amateur gliders. Nizhny Novgorod.
  309. Korzhnev Andrey, 1961g.r., Technician, Khakassia.
  310. Koripanov Konstantin, born in 1968, private pilot, Chelyabinsk
  311. Korkmazov Ahmad Hisaevich. 1957 born The pilot transport aircraft. KBC Yak-40. The owner of the aircraft Beechcraft Sierra. Karachay-Cherkessia. +
  312. Yuri Korneev. 1951g.r. The pilot-instructor. Sergiev Posad.
  313. Korniychuk Olga Semyonovna, executive secretary of the FLA
  314. Korolev Vitaly Vladimirovich, born in 1973, Ishim, Tyumen region. Pilot instructor Ishim ASK DOSAAF, the first sports category on the airplane Sport (PSVP).
  315. Korol'kov Sergey, born in 1963, student pilot ATC, Moscow,
  316. Korjakin Dmitry Anatolyevich, born in 1970, the pilot of a free balloon, Pereslavl, president of the Federation of Aeronautics of the Yaroslavl Region
  317. Kosilovich Vitaly Adamovich, born in 1961, paraglider pilot, Gelendzhik.
  318. Kochemasov Alexey Viktorovich, 1965 born in Moscow, the aircraft commander, pilot - instructor.
  319. Kochetov Alexander V., born in 1967, amateur pilot. Moscow.
  320. Krakovtsev Andrey Vladimirovich, born in 1960, the pilot SAF, the city of Omsk.
  321. Krasnichenko Andrey Anatolievich, flight instructor, 8 (926) 4685310,
  322. Krasnokutsky Maksim Viktorovich, born in 1986, the pilot-sportsman, hang-gliding, Moscow
  323. Krahmalev Andrei, born in 1979, member of the Federation of sports ultralight aviation Tula region, Tula
  324. Krivoltsevich Sergei, an amateur pilot, Belgorod
  325. Krikushenko Sergej, 1979g.r., Pilot, Veliky Novgorod, the chairman of the NGO "Federation Novgorod region ultralight aircraft."
  326. Creatinine Ivan A., born in 1996, pos. Zaprudnja cadet pilot 3 course MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  327. Krohalёv Andrey, 1957g.r., Tiraspol PMR
  328. Sergey Kruglov, 1987 born Manager CPAP Omsk airport SHS pilot.
  329. Kruglov Sergey Fedorovich, 1952 born Pilot 1 GA class, general director of the airport of Gorno-Altaisk, private pilot, head of the regional branch of RAOPA.
  330. Jaroslav V. Krylov, the pilot SAF (cadet), design engineer, born in 1982, Zhukovsky, Moscow region.
  331. Kudashev Dmitri, an amateur pilot. YaNAO
  332. Kudryashov Eugene E., born in 1947, qualified military pilot-sniper, flight experience of more than 50 years, the owner of the C-SHS 22 "Icarus".
  333. Stanislav Kuzin, chairman of the Novosibirsk region. Public Organization "Society of aeronautics and aviation enthusiasts" NOOOLVA ", tel. 89139006115
  334. Andrey Kuznetsov, 1970g.r., Izhevsk. Pilot -instruktor, owner of the Sun
  335. V. Kuznetsov, Valery, born in 1966, glider, St. Petersburg.
  336. Kuznetsov Vitaly, born in 1972, aeronautical engineer, private pilot, Podolsk, Moscow region.
  337. Kuznetsov Vladimir, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk District-Yugra, the chief engineer.
  338. Kuznetsov Oleg V., born in 1971, the pilot and the owner of the aircraft, MS on Hang Gliding, Ekaterinburg. + 79222189634,
  339. Sergey Kuznetsov, born in 1980, Bratislava, amateur pilot
  340. Kuznetsov Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1955 Military pilot 1 class, deputy head of ASA DOSAAF Russia, Essentuki.
  341. Kuzmenko Egor Alexandrovich, born in 1977, amateur pilot. Novosibirsk.
  342. Kuzmin Alexander, born in 1969, amateur pilot, Tver.
  343. Vadim Kuzmin, 1968g.r., Pilot AON. Vladimir.
  344. Kuzmin Konstantin Petrovich. 1963 born Aviator. Owner of ALS.
  345. Kuzmin Nikolai, born in 1965 Construction of aircraft.
  346. Kuz'minykh Dmitry, born in 1982, der. Lenine, the pilot of a hot air balloon
  347. Kulesh Leonid pilot SAF, Zabaykalsky Krai, Chita.
  348. Kulida Dmitry, Moscow, 1980g.r. SHS ultralight trike pilot. + 79166342310,
  349. Kulikov, Alexander V., born in 1966 Line Pilots GA retired pilot SAF, Ulan-Ude.
  350. Dmitry Kulikov, born in 1984, design engineer, a member of the "Russian Union of Engineers", an amateur pilot, Moscow
  351. Kuprin Victor G., 1952g.r. pilot instructor ultralight, flying club Skaymen, Bratsk
  352. Kupriyanov Artem Vladimirovich, born in 1987, paraglider pilot, Ekaterinburg
  353. Kurbatov Valery V., born in 1956, pilot-instructor "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School", a commercial pilot;
  354. Kurbatov Sergey V., born in 1954, Deputy Director of Flight Safety "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School", a commercial pilot;
  355. Kurinov Nikita V., born in 1996, Rostov-on-Don, cadet UVAU GA
  356. Kuritsin Gennady G., born in 1964 A private pilot. Cherepovets
  357. Kuritsin Paul G., born in 1988 Private pilot.Cherepovets.
  358. Mikhail Kutuzov. The pilot of an amateur. Hang-gliding, paragliding. Rostov-on-Don
  359. Curly Roman V., born in 1973, Regional Representative. "Regional Federation of the sport of ballooning Krasnodar Territory", Krasnodar, free balloon pilot
  360. Labetsky Tsiolkovsky, born in 1980, flight instructor, Novosibirsk
  361. Evgeny Lazarev, 1980 born Gliders, Nizhny Novgorod Regional Public Organization hang gliders "PILOT", Nizhny Novgorod.
  362. Lazarev Nikolay Petrovich, the pilot - the instructor, the owner VS.g. Izhevsk.
  363. Laptev Igor Glebovich, 1958 born A former flight instructor ALS.
    Kirill A. Isayev, born in 1988 A private pilot. Novosibirsk city.
  364. 359.Laritskaya Evgenia, 1984 born, Master of Sports of ALS-gliding, Moscow
  365. Laskov Vladimir A., ​​born in 1964, private pilot. Kazan.
  366. Laskova Irina, born in 1994, amateur pilot. Kazan
  367. Andrey Lebedev, 1967 born in the city of Vladimir. The pilot of an amateur designer light aircraft.
  368. Lebedev Viktor Vladimirovich, born in 1957, g. Partizansk, Primorskiy, ultralight pilot.
  369. Lebedev, Oleg Vladimirovich, born in 1973
  370. Sergey Leonov, 1973 born, while only passenger An-2 and paraglider, Novosibirsk.
  371. Lefanov Alexander K., born in 1986 The co-pilot AK "Utair", a former military pilot. Tyumen 8-982-782-2520,
  372. Litvinenko Alexander, 1983g.r., Hang-gliders, Simferopol
  373. Vitaly Litvinenko Yu, 1981g.r. Pilot -lyubitel, Simferopol
  374. Litvinenko, Yuri Sergeyevich, pilot hang gliders, ultralight trike Simferopol, Crimea,
  375. Litvinova Svetlana Vladimirovna, born in 1967, the engineer operating the airfield, airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo).
  376. Maxim V. Likhachev, born in 1974, private pilot, Krasnoyarsk
  377. Lobankin Vitaly Vladimirovich, 1971 g.r.Essentuksky ASA UCA Stavropol, Grozny UCA pilot. Private pilot, glider, Essentuki
  378. Lopatin Ilya Vladimirovich, born in 1974 Nefteyugansk. Graduate OLTK GA 1995g.
  379. Luzhetsky Ivan Stepanovich, born in 1992 Gliders, Krasnoyarsk
  380. Luzhetsky Konstantin Aleksandrovich, born in 1980, the gyroplane flight instructor, Pskov.
  381. Loose Evgeny, born in 1965, flight instructor ultralight, microlight club "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  382. Lukyanenko, Yuri Ivanovich, Nalchik.
  383. Lunev Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, born in 1947, 1 military pilot cl., A retired Ministry of Defense, Rostov-on-Don
  384. Looshin Viktor Nikolaevich, born in 1960, Lead Project Engineer I-16, 153-AND, AND-15bis, Mig-3, 2-Il. "Aviarestavratsiya" LLC.
  385. Lysenko Nikolay Ivanovich, born in 1960, powered paragliding, mountain. Tyumen.
  386. Lykhin Vladimir V., born in 1969, the pilot SAF, Kirov,  
  387. Lyaskovsky Andrew O., 1989g.r., Student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  388. Maglevany Sergey Alexandrovich, born in 1954, glider pilot, the pilot SAF, the owner of a home-made airplane and glider, Moscow.
  389. Kamil Magomedov Bagautdinovich, born in 1967, autogyro, Makhachkala. Dagestan.
  390. Aliev Magomed Magomedov, born in 1963 Aircraft. Dagestan.
  391. Daub Sergey V., born in 1957, Ivanovo, 1150 hours.
  392. Evgeny Makarenko, born in 1986 Novosibirsk city. The instructor, a teacher of the Center for training and certification of aviation personnel
  393. Sergey Makarenko, 1984g. p., student paragliding club "Impulse", Novosibirsk,
  394. Makarenkov Sergei Pavlovich, 1970 gr .. Athlete glider, Moscow
  395. Andrey Makarov, 1986g.r., A private pilot, Novosibirsk + 79133792102,
  396. Sergey Fedorovich Makarov, born in 1969, private pilot, Izhevsk.
  397. Makovetskii Alexander - a member of the Interagency Aviation Advisory Council, a leading demonstration program of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS leading annual air shows "Kubanaeroshou", "Aviaregion" and other aviation events, the leading Russian aerobatic group "Rus" and "first flight" in the past pilot Air Force and Civil Aviation, a private pilot AON.
  398. Alexey Maksimov, 1973 born Pilot instructor DOSAAF Russia
  399. Maksimov Konstantin, born in 1978, Moscow, private pilot.
  400. Malakhov Denis Alexandrovich, born in 1977, Moscow, pilot hang gliders, amateur pilot
  401. Malygin, Dmitry O., born in 1993, student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  402. Mamatov Ilyas Aytpayevich pilot ultralights, amateur pilot, plaque 56 hours, type VS- Cessna-172, trike.
  403. Manchenko Pavel Anatolievich, pilot-sportsman, head of the Khanty-Mansiysk regional department RVIO, Khanty-Mansiysk,, + 79129001111
  404. Marishin Konstantin, born in 1961, aviation lover, builder gyroplane, Khimki, Moscow region.
  405. Markashov Victor, born in 1955 , Tul., Amateur pilot.
  406. Dmitry Markin, 1963 born A private pilot, Surgut.
  407. Markushev Konstantin Aleksandrovich, born in 1969, Mr. Elektrostal, the pilot of ultralight trike.
  408. Martynovsky Vladimir Fedorovich, born in 1959, the pilot of an ultralight, microlight club "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  409. Martyniuk Igor, born in 1971, pilot-instructor "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School", a commercial pilot;
  410. Martyshev Roman Borisovich, born in 1982, Yaroslavl region., Student pilot.
  411. Alexey Maslov, born in 1979, private pilot, student CA ITA, St. Petersburg. Tel. + 79219548268. E-mail:
  412. Masyukov Alexander, born in 1964, flight instructor, Novosibirsk
  413. Denis A. Matveev. The pilot of an amateur. Rostov-on-Don
  414. Matveev Chermen Mikhailovich, Chief Designer of OKB "Dolphin", St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, + 7 911 840-11-74
  415. Matusevich Aleksandr Ivanovich, born in 1951, the Director of "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School";
  416. Matyuk Maxim Vladimirovich, born in 1963, student, Moscow.
  417. Machines Sergey, born in 1973, the commercial pilot-in-exile, co-owner of a small aircraft airline, Cambodia
  418. Alexey Medvedev, 1972g.r., Amateur pilot, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, 9135532081,
  419. Gleb Medvedev V., 1992g.r., The pilot SAF.
  420. Medvedev Sergey Leonidovich, born in 1963, the pilot of a free balloon, Nizhny Novgorod.
  421. Bear Valery E., born in 1964, pilot-instructor "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School", a commercial pilot;
  422. Mednikov Dmitry E., 1983g.r. Private pilot, Moscow, ATC PF ALS "Wingspan", ultralight trike. 8 926
  423. Mekvabishvili Irakli Zurabovich, 1978 gr cadet CA ITA, plaque 70 hours, St. Petersburg.
  424. Konstantin stir bar. Pilot-ATC Instructor RP microlight pilot and an observer of Russian Emergencies Ministry.
  425. Milovanov Aleksandr Anatolyevich, born in 1957, 7-time world champion on classical parachute jumping, World record, head coach of the Tula area Parachuting, Tula
  426. Milotaev Sergey Borisovich, amateur pilot, glider, Penza district, Moscow
  427. Minilbaeva Tatiana, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk District-Yugra, founder of the NGO "FSS Khanty-Ugra"
  428. Mikhailov Viktor Vladimirovich, born in 1971 private pilot, a member of the Arctic 5 overshooting small aircraft.
  429. Mishukov Alexander V., born in 1977, the pilot, paraglider, g. Novosibirsk.
  430. Igor Moiseenko, flight instructor SAF 1965g. p., Smolensk
  431. Moldavanskii Denis Viktorovich, born in 1979, Ussuriisk, Chairman of the Board of the Ussuri public organization "Aviation Club" Sokol ".
  432. Molodkin Egor, 1971g.r., Moscow. A private pilot.
  433. Monks Roman Aleksandrovich, 1996 gr, g.Egorevsk Mos.obl., Cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  434. Wink Anastasia D., born in 1991, Chelyabinsk, hang-gliding. Chelyabinsk regional public organization "Training Center ultralight aviation" Heaven. " + 7 919-118-3200
  435. Moryashin Andrey Borisovich, born in 1952, the engineer-pilot I cl. Civil Aviation to 34 and 35 Soviet Antarctic Expedition as PIC IL-14, amateur pilot in retirement, the participant Elimination of the Chernobyl accident in 1986g. Decorated with government awards. ~ 20000 flight hours.
  436. Dmitry Moskalenko, hot air balloon pilot, born in 1975, Nizhniy Novgorod
  437. Moskvitin German Borisovich, born in 1972, pilot instructor, Perm.
  438. Muzyukin Sergey G., born in 1976, private pilot, Engels, Saratov region.
  439. Mullyar Oleg. Rostov-on-Don, amateur pilot, the plane. 100 hours
  440. Alexander Muratov, 1971g.r. A private pilot C-182, 300 hours plaque.
  441. Musalimov Azat, Ufa (SHS pilot instructor, glider, ultralight trike, plaque 2000 hours).
  442. Musiyko Afanasievich Alexander, born in 1969, the former voenlёt, GA pilot, the pilot AON and CVS, CCM, Ltd. "KRYMAVIA" Crimea ..
  443. Mansur Mustafin Kamilevich athlete-parachutist, master of sports of international class, ATC cadet "Aeromag", Moscow, born in 1977
  444. Mukhamedyarov Albert Radikovich, Ufa (amateur pilot, plaque 280 hours).
  445. Nazarov Alexander V., 1984g.r., The pilot of the hang glider, paraglider club "Albatros", Moscow.
  446. Nakiden Mikhail, 1982, b., Amateur pilot ultralights, Ramenskoye, Moscow region.
  447. Plaque Boris, born in 1976, paraglider pilot amateur Bodaibo.
  448. Negrun Valery A., 1955g.r. microlight pilot, flying club Baikal, Irkutsk.
  449. Nelzin Nikita Andreevich, born in 1995, Perm, student MI HA (ex. UVAU GA).
  450. Nemtsov Stanislav Eduardovich.1969g.r.voenny pilot, pilot GA, amateur pilot Tambov region.
  451. Nenashev Vitaly Yuryevich. 1967 born President of the Federation of Aeronautics of the Stavropol Territory, the pilot of a free balloon, the military navigator. Zheleznovodsk city.
  452. Nepomnyashchikh Sergey, born in 1965, glider pilot, ultralight club "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  453. Nekhoroshev Oleg, 1963g.r., Amateur pilot, Saint-Petersburg.
  454. Nechuhrin Sergey Vladimirovich, born in 1961 Military pilot 1 class.
  455. Alexander Nikitin Adol'fovich, 1964 born Private Pilot. Saint Petersburg
  456. Sergey V. Nikiforov. Gyroplane pilot Huntsman, Raven. Angarsk city. Irkutsk region. Microlight Club "window to the sky"
  457. Nikulin Alexander A., ​​born in 1959, private pilot. Tyumen
  458. Nikulin Boris Viktorovich, born in 1953, 1 voenlёt class left, plaque 6000 hours. , Kaliningrad region.
  459. Nikulin Vladimir Dmitrievich, born in 1968, aircraft technician, Belgorod region.
  460. Alexander Novikov Sergsheevich, 1987g.r., Free balloon pilot
  461. Eugene Novozhilov G., born in 1976 A private pilot, aircraft technician, Surgut.
  462. Novoselova Lyudmila Vitalevna, 1964 born Former instructor lёtchik- Tyumen ASK DOSAAF 8-905-825-42-09,    
  463. Norkin Pavel. The pilot of an ultralight, paragliding, powered paragliding. Vladivostok.
  464. Noskov Tatiana, flight instructor, tandem pilot, paragliding sport, Kursk, Russia.
  465. Nosulko Igor G., born in 1974, amateur pilot, Kanev
  466. Obodenko Andrey Ivanovich, born in 1976, the pilot of the glider, paromotora. sports art club "Sport legion."
  467. Obsokov Alexander V., born in 1972, amateur ultralight trike, Chita region.
  468. Ovinnik Vitaly. Krasnoyarsk, private pilot LAN. Landing pad "Sunny."
  469. Eugene A. Ovsyannikov, born in 1981, techniques, Moscow.
  470. Dmitry Ovsyannikov, military pilot, retired, amateur pilot, Moscow.
  471. Odekov Maxim Vladimirovich, born in 1978 Pilot SHS Ulan Ude
  472. Oznobikhin Egor V., born in 1995, Perm, glider pilot, student MI HA (ex. UVAU GA). tel. 8-927-83-44-772, e-mail:
  473. Oksana Poburinnaya, amateur pilot (very amateur), born in 1990
  474. Olga V. Olekhnik. Vice President of Russian FLA.
  475. Omar Abdul Abdulhalikalievich, 1956 born Plane YAK12. Dagestan.
  476. Oreshenkov Sergey V., 1963 g.r.Predsedatel NGO "Federation of Sport ultralight aircraft Lipetsk region", head of the paragliding club "Normandie", a pilot instructor. Lipetsk.
  477. Orzhekhovskiy Dmitry Adol'fovich, 1969 born in Novosibirsk.
  478. Alexander V. Orlov, the pilot. Novosibirsk.
  479. Kirill Orlov, born in 1972, private pilot, Novosibirsk + 79137078973,
  480. Osenchuk Sergei Ivanovich, born in 1971 A private pilot, Surgut.
  481. Osintsev Nikolai Borisovich, born in 1963, the pilot and the owner of the LAN, Ekaterinburg 8 922 2057107. E-mail:
  482. Osipov Vladimir Ivanovich, born in 1955, amateur pilot, ultralight trike, paragliding, Kiselevsk.
  483. Osorgin Alexander E., flight instructor SHS, Samara, + 7 927 209 4249,
  484. Ostrovsky Sergey K., born in 1959, student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  485. Otdelkin Roman Mikhailovich, born in 1982 Chairman of the regional sports and sports public organization Nizhny Novgorod Sports Federation ultralight aviation "Fifth Ocean". + 7 910 381-88-74. Nizhny Novgorod
  486. Otdelkina Tatyana, 1986, at pilot gliders, sports and regional sports public organization Nizhny Novgorod Sports Federation ultralight aviation "Fifth Ocean". Nizhny Novgorod.
  487. P / kennel stock Lukyanenko, Yuri Ivanovich, 1950g.r. Military pilot 1 class. He mastered the full aircraft types 16, 5 types of aircraft. Nalchik.
  488. Alexey V. Pavlov, 1975g.r. Pilot SAF athlete, powered parachute, ultralight trike, airplane, flying club head Chernushinsky. Perm region.
  489. Pavlov Denis Viktorovich, born in 1996, Ulyanovsk, cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  490. Andrei Panin Leonovich, born in 1967, the pilot of ultralight trike, Tula
  491. Panchenko Evgeniy Nikolaevich, born in 1964, Stavropol, amateur pilot with flight experience goda.Professionalny 1978 10 years
  492. Paripsa Igor V., born in 1964, the pilot SAF, Kemerovo region
  493. Parhuta Dmitry Viktorovich, born in 1964 Retired pilot SHS, St. Petersburg.
  494. Anatoly Pashkov, 1954 born Club "Delta Air" Barnaul
  495. Pedchenko Nikolai, 1961g.r., GA pilot, plaque 7500 hours, Moscow.
  496. Carriers Vasily Vladimirovich, born in 1993, unfinished private pilot program (due to the closure of the training center), glider pilot, Novosibirsk,
  497. G. Anton Permyakov. 1964 the city of Voronezh. Glider pilot.
  498. Perunov Vladimir Andreyevich, 1985, b., Moscow, pilot gliders
  499. Perfil'ev Vladimir, Ramenskoye.
  500. Perhuli Rolandi G., born in 1973, pilot hang gliders, Veliky Novgorod.
  501. Peter Poroshin pilot - chemist. Glazov, Udmurtia.
  502. Alexander Petrov, Pyatigorsk.
  503. Petrov Vadim Vladimirovich, born in 1983, student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region.
  504. Evgeny Petrov, Ufa (amateur pilot, plaque 400 hours).
  505. Igor Petrov, born in 1965, city Bezhetsk Tver Region., Deltalёtchik.
  506. Andrew V. Petruk, 1971 born in Tomsk, the aircraft builder. 8-913-829-77-69
  507. Sergey Petukhov, 1962.g.r., Pilot lover, Moscow.
  508. Pechegin Alexander Fedorovich, 1973g.r., Pilot -lyubitel Izhevsk.
  509. Yury Pisarev, 1947 gr, pilot instructor SAF military retiree, retired lieutenant colonel Orenburg.
  510. Platonov Alexey V., 1981 born in Moscow, the pilot of ultralight aircraft
  511. Denis Plotnikov, born in 1980, Ufa (student, amateur pilot, plaque 160 hours).
  512. Sergey Plotnikov, born in 1965, pilot-instructor "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School", a commercial pilot;
  513. Plyushkin Yuri G., born in 1967, Volgograd builder LA 905 433 81 17
  514. Poddubny Alexander, born in 1950 Pilot instructor 1 class. The owner of the IL-14p
  515. Podolnitsky Andrey V., a private pilot, a leading designer of OKB "Dolphin", St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, + 7 911 840-11-76,
  516. Podrezov Alexander, 1996g.r., Krasnoyarsk, cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  517. Pozdeyeva Elena, 1974, the pilot paragliding club "Impulse", Novosibirsk.
  518. Pozdeev Alexei A., born in 1983, the pilot of paragliding club "Impulse", Novosibirsk.
  519. Pozdnyakov Ivan Marchuk, 1963g.r., Amateur pilot, Moscow
  520. Pokazan'ev Oleg, 1963g.r., A private pilot, Novosibirsk
  521. Poltoranin Alexander Stepanovich, director of the airport flight "Mochishe"
  522. Alexander Polunin, born in 1974, while passenger gyroplane, Tyumen.
  523. Gregory M. Polyakov, born in 1991, gliders, sports and regional sports public organization Nizhny Novgorod Sports Federation ultralight aviation "Fifth Ocean". Nizhny Novgorod
  524. Elena Polyakova, 130 total flight hours. Types R2002, Yak-52, 330 Extra.
  525. Ponomarev Alexey A., born in 1976, p.Arti Sverdlovsk region, the pilot SAF -. Autogyro,
  526. Popkov Vladimir E., born in 1961, the pilot of the glider, glider
  527. Artem Popov A., military pilot, retired, amateur pilot, Moscow.
  528. Popyhin Nikolai G., 1975g.r., A private pilot, Novosibirsk, + 7913916939,
  529. Posohov Pavel Matveevich. 1947g.r., Military pilot 1-class. Vice President aerotechnical club "Vertical" Dubna, Moscow Region.
  530. Postnov Alexander V., flight instructor SAF ultralight trike, Novosibirsk
  531. 514.Pototsky Sergey Fedorovich, born in 1976, private pilot, Moscow, winner of European and World Championships.
  532. 515.Prosvirkin Oleg, a graduate SATCOM GA 1994g. Amateur aviation. Partial man. Noyabrsk
  533. 516.Prohorenko Ekaterina, 1996, b., Student, club ALS "window to the sky", Angarsk, Irkutsk region
    517 ..
  534. Proshin Dmitry I., 1974 born, Starodub, Bryansk branch FLA. aviation lover, flight instructor, aviarestavratsiya (9051026195)
  535. Pugacheva Aurora Alekseevna, born in 1989, amateur pilot, St. Petersburg,
  536. Putilin Maxim Viktorovich, born in 1967, amateur pilot ultralights, Samara region.
  537. Pchelnikov Andrey Anatolievich, 1971g.r., Teacher of additional education, model airplane builder, master of sports of Russia, Ussuriysk.
  538. Radontsev Vyacheslav S., born in 1956, the civilian pilot, retired, continues to fly in light aircraft.
  539. Rayev Mikhail, born in 1971, Barnaul. Director AROO ASA "Leader", an amateur pilot.
  540. Rajewski Stanislav E., born in 1962, Novosibirsk. Glider pilot.
  541. Shake Yuri Viktorovich, chief engineer of Russia FLA.
  542. Rassolov Alexander A., ​​1978g.r., Autogyro, Krasnodar region.
  543. Reprintsev Timur Dmitrievich, born in 1996, St. Petersburg, MI Cadet GA (ex. UVAU GA)
  544. Vladimir Nikolaevich Roerich, born in 1967, the pilot of ultralight trike, Nizhny Novgorod, e-mail:
  545. Rogov Andrey Vladimirovich, born in 1966, amateur pilot, Gulkevichi.
  546. Rodnischev Vladimir Nikolaevich, born in 1960, Honored military pilot of the Russian Federation.
  547. Rodyukov Vitaly, born in 1980, Moscow.
  548. Rozhdestvin Yuri G. born in 1962 The author of "The Little Airplane", Balashikha.
  549. Andrei Rozhkov, born in 1965, Ekaterinburg, reserve officer, retired, private pilot, pilot-sportsman, pilot instructor DOSAAF + 7 912 643 6377
  550. Mikhail Rozhkov, an amateur pilot.
  551. Alexander E. Ronis, born in 1961, flight instructor
  552. Rotyakov Alexei Nikolaevich, born in 1964, Chelyabinsk, pilot-instructor. Pilot-athlete. Hang-glider, hang-gliders
  553. Shirt Igor Petrovich, 1955g.r. microlight pilot, g.Nizhneudinsk.
  554. Rudenskiy Alexey Yurevich (Kursk), born in 1982, glider pilot, pilot PZL-104 Wilga-35A, TSPAK (g.Orёl). Email:
  555. Rusak Gennady Ivanovich, ultralight pilot, Irkutsk.
  556. Rusinov Viacheslav, born in 1937, military pilot, a retired colonel, the chief of security of flights associations, Tambov.
  557. Rybas Vasily Yurevich, born in 1987, paraglider pilot, with. Uiskoe, Chelyabinsk region.
  558. Yashanina Tatiana, born in 1953, the former head of the model aircraft circle. Novosibirsk city.
  559. Ryazanov Alexey V., born in 1974, paraglider pilot, Novosibirsk.
  560. Alexander Ryazantsev, 1966, b., The pilot SAF, Belgorod.
  561. Saakov Vladimir Ivagrievich. 1948g.r. Pilot AN-2. The raid 19000 hours. Pyatigorsk.
  562. Sabitov Ramil Yunirovich, born in 1966, SAF, an amateur pilot, 1500 hours. P Bashkortostan.
  563. Sablin Arnoldovich Eugene, born in 1972, glider pilot, Penza.
  564. Alexander V. Savelyev, 1984g.r., The pilot of an ultralight, Kuvandyk of Orenburg region.   
  565. Vladimir Savin Ananevich, 1940 born Pilot amateur SHS, Krasnoyarsk
  566. Igor Savin, 1968 born A private pilot, pilot, athlete, Moscow
  567. Savchenko Ivan, 1956g.r. microlight pilot, flying club Baikal, Irkutsk
  568. Sadullayev Musa Abdul-Halimovich. Groznyy.1968 born Ultralight trike.
  569. Oleg Saenko, born in 1979, the pilot, paraglider, Moscow.
  570. Saetgaraev Nail Ildarovich, born in 1983, the pilot-sportsman, Novosibirsk
  571. Saifulin Valery, born in 1959, amateur pilot, lawyer, Nevinnomyssk
  572. Saksonov Sergey Leonidovich, 1951g.r. UN military observers Egypt, Syria, and Aviation Round CSF. In the past, the Air Force of the Northern Fleet 30let. Orenburg.
  573. SALOMATIN Evgeny V., 1971g.r., Deltaletchik, Voskresensk, + 79036261036,
  574. Nikolay Samodurov, the pilot SAF, Zabaykalsky Krai, Chita.
  575. Samolovov Alexei Nikolaevich, born in 1961, the pilot-sportsman PSVP (aerobatics on piston aircraft), an aeronautical engineer, Tyumen, + 79129233390,
  576. Sapozhnikov Alexander, born in 1951, Homebrew, designer, amateur pilot. Novosibirsk
  577. Vitaly A. Sapozhnikov, 1991g.r. DOSAAF parachute instructor training, Komsomolsk-on-Amur
  578. Sarason Igor V., born in 1968 Private pilot, PPL is -camolet, autogyro, Nizhny Novgorod + 79601941240,
  579. Sattorov Timur Ergashevich, flight instructor examiner airlines 'ChelAvia' chief pilot, more than 35 mastered armed services, plaque 8200 hours.
  580. Safargaleev Rail Maratovich, born in 1969, pilot instructor SHS, Ufa
  581. Safronov Vyacheslav V., born in 1974 Head two paragliding clubs, amateur pilot, Samara
  582. Vyacheslav V. Safronov. Paragliders (single and tandem) with 2008 years. + 79050182674. Samara
  583. Sakharov Alexander, an instructor pilot ultralights, ultralight trike; Head "balloon Sports Federation Tyumen region", the pilot of a free balloon, Tyumen.
  584. Sakharov Ilya Vladimirovich, Smolensk, swoop over 500 hours private pilot Piper-28-140, Pilot -sportsmen Yak-52.
  585. Beet Alexander, born in 1986, Moscow, cadet
  586. Sveklova Yana Alexandrovna, born in 1986, Moscow, cadet
  587. Sevostyanov Nikolai Ivanovich, Rostov-on-Don, deltalёtchik.
  588. Seleznev Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1964, the designer, an amateur pilot, Samara.
  589. Maxim Semenov, 1978 born in Ufa (SHS pilot instructor ultralight trike, admission: training, aerial works, plaque 2200 hours). Absolute champion of ALS-2016.
  590. Semenov Alfia, 1977 born in Ufa (amateur pilot, plaque 260 hours). Absolute champion of ALS-2016.
  591. Sementsov Konstantin Ivanovich, born in 1982, the pilot SAF (cadet), Moscow
  592. Yuri Serov. The pilot of an amateur. Airfield "Borki"
  593. Silant'ev Eugene V., born in 23.08.1985, private pilot, Novosibirsk,
  594. Silevich Olga, born in 1961, the chairman of TTU "Feodosia Museum of hang gliding," Republic of Crimea, Feodosiya
  595. Silevich Sergey, born in 1965, the pilot of the glider, glider, ultralight trike. Director of the Center for gliding "Koktebel", the head of aviakluba "young pilot", Republic of Crimea, Feodosiya
  596. Simon Alexander, born in 1966, amateur pilot, Moscow.
  597. Sirenko, Alexander A., ​​born in 1967 Private pilot, b / m GA. Seaside kr., Artem.
  598. Nikolai Sitnikov, chairman of hang gliding club "Siberian Crane" in Yakutsk, president of the Federation sports ALS Republic of Sakha.
  599. Skibin Stanislavski, born in 1980, the glider pilot, Novosibirsk,            
  600. Skorovarov Anatoly S., born in 1955, p / n for the Air Force Reserve, Ph.D., Noginsk, Moscow Region, an amateur pilot,, 8-985-210-96-46
  601. Scriabin, Sergei Ivanovich, born in 1961, the pilot - instructor TVVAUL Major stock
  602. Slesarev Sergey Nikolaevich, born in 1967, pilot instructor, Armavir.
  603. Smetanin Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1971, the pilot of an amateur. Ekaterinburg
  604. Anton V. Smirnov, born in 1984 Pilot - athlete gliders, Moscow.
  605. Smirnov Valery, born in 1964 Aircraft and RER A (small aircraft). Fitter and Fitter A and RER LA. Expert analyst Federal Aviation news agency. Zam. Ch. editor of the scientific and technical PA Mega "Megateh"
  606. Smirnov Dmitry Borisovich, born in 1970 Cadet, Moscow
  607. Smirnov Evgeny, born in 1970, flight instructor, aviation engineer, Samara, 89276057075
  608. Maxim D. Smirnov, born in 1996, Kostroma, cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  609. Smirnova Elena, born in 1977, the pilot of an ultralight vehicle, student, teacher of English, Samara, 89276871246
  610. Natalya Smirnova, an amateur aviation. Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region.
  611. Smolin Valery Yurevich, SHS pilot, born in 1972, Nizhnevartovsk
  612. Smolyakov Ilya Yurevich, 1965 born SHS pilot, Essentuki
  613. Smolski Vladimir, 1955g.r. microlight pilot, g.Tulun.
  614. Alexander Y. Sokolov, born in 1975, the pilot, paraglider, Volgograd.
  615. Andrew S. Sokolov, born in 1971, the pilot-athlete Samara Regional Aeroclub DOSAAF Samara.
  616. Mikhail Sokolov, 1981g.r. A man fascinated by aviation, but in these conditions (trained as a private pilot p ~ 550000.) I can not afford it. + 7 913 059-99-91, City Sayanogrsk
  617. Sologubov Eugene A., 1986, the river, a private pilot.
  618. Malt Sergei Ivanovich. The pilot of an amateur. Rostov-on-Don
  619. Solomykin Andrei Petrovich, born in 1973, aviation engineer, amateur pilot, ultralight, Moscow
  620. Andrew I. Sorokin, born in 1988 The pilot of the glider, Novosibirsk
  621. Spryadyshev Alexander, born in 1963 Gyroplane. Astrakhan region. G. Kamyzyak
  622. Spryadyshev Mikhail V., born in 1960 Gyroplane. Astrakhan region. G. Kamyzyak
  623. Starkov Artem, commercial pilot Assembly of the Russian Federation, Pilot-athlete, pilot instructor Ekaterinburg RUSSIA ASK DOSAAF, Commander of the Armed Forces Airbus A319 / 320 / 321, linear driver RF Assembly.
  624. Alexander Staroverov, 1955g.r. Hang-gliding, trike, Murmansk
  625. Stepankin Andrew G., 1958, b., Aircraft designer, Moscow, , 8-916-121-67-38
  626. Stolyarchuk Mikhail Mikhailovich, born in 1967, private pilot, flight instructor. Khabarovsk.
  627. Struganov Anton Yu, born in 1985, pilot hang gliders, MS on Hang Gliding Champion of Russia, the 2012, 1300 hours raid. Moscow.
  628. Sudakov Vladimir Nikolaevich, born in 1952, 1 voenlёt class left, plaque 1500 hour., Orenburg.
  629. Vitaly A. Surkov, born in 1958, Kislovodsk. Amateur aviatsii.Yurist. Instructor - model airplane builder.
  630. Oleg V. Suslov, born in 1965, the pilot lover, Berdsk
  631. Eugene A. Sukharev, flag-navigator FLA
  632. Syrchin Anatoly K., born in 1941, 1-class military pilot, DOSAAF pilot class 1, 2 commercial pilot class raid more hours 5000, 7600 jumping with a parachute.
  633. Sysolyatin Andrey Yurevich. Pilot. Manufacturer gyroplanes Huntsman, Raven. The raid
  634. Sytin Valery Leonidovich, 1961g.r, St. Petersburg. The pilot of an amateur. Deltalёtchik.
  635. Talyzin Viktor, 1958g.r., Amateur pilot, ultralight trike, Novy Urengoy.
  636. Vadim Tarasov V., born in 1969, private pilot.
  637. Vladimir P. Tarasov, a military instructor lёtchik- 1-class, now a private pilot, the pilot SAF.
  638. Telegin Svetlana Vladimirovna, born in 1960, the pensioner, the fan-passenger aircraft, Krasnodar region.
  639. Telyatnikov Evgeny. 1943 born The pilot of an amateur. The owner of the aircraft "Wilga".
  640. Teplik Vasili Viktorovich, born in 1965, the pilot-engineer Krasnodar.
  641. Alexander Terentyev, a military retiree, pilot instructor, Rostov-on-Don
  642. Terekhov Andrey Borisovich. 1984 born Moscow region. aeromechanic
  643. Tetyushi Aleksandrovchi Michael, born in 1955, Art. teacher of "Designing aircraft" MAI, teacher ATC "Wingspan". The hang-glider with 1976, at medalist of the Moscow region. and RSFSR in 80-ies.
  644. Timerzyanov Zufarovich Ruslan, born in 1983 Sharypovo.
  645. Timoshevsky Eugene P., born in 1975 SHS instructor pilot. Crimea.
  646. Tymoshenko Dmitry. Vice-president of the Federation of gliding. Plaque 5000 hours.
  647. Michael A. Tikhonov, born in 1959 Former aircraft technician. Irkutsk.
  648. Oleg Tikhonov, born in 1957, Dubna.
  649. Tolokolnikov Alexey Yu, born in 1981, paraglider pilot, Novosibirsk
  650. Tomur Mikhail Vladimirovich, born in 1984 Head club balloon Yoshkar-Ola, free balloon pilot.
  651. Traydov Sergey Alexandrovich, born in 1975, Bryansk, private pilot
  652. Turkin Alexey, an amateur aviation spotter, Tyumen.
  653. Stew Arthur A., ​​born in 1959, autogyro, Astrakhan.
  654. Tyushina Vadim. 1965 born The head of the club's "first step" (Moscow): I fly on with 1986 of ALS
  655. Udalinkin Vladimir, Tula, amateur pilot, ultralight trike class swoop over 1000 hours.
  656. Oudalov Mikhail Ivanovich 1952g.r., Glider MS Penza.
  657. Usanov Yuri Alexandrovich, pilot deltaletchik Moscow.
  658. Dmitry Fadeyev, born in 1996, Ulyanovsk, cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  659. Fedorov, Alexander I., born in 1987, engineer Moscow
  660. Fedorov Alexey Sergeyevich, born in 1965, flight instructor, paraglider, g.Yalutorovsk, Tyumen region.
  661. Konstantin Fedorov L., born in 1978 The pilot of an ultralight, Pyatigorsk.
  662. Fedortsov Vladimir Sergeyevich, born in 1966, Balashikha Mos. reg., the pilot of the glider.
  663. Leonid Filimonov 1972g.r. St. Peterburg helicopter pilot. R44, plaque 500 hours.
  664. Filipenko Anton G., born in 1986, Kursk, amateur pilot
  665. Natalia Filipenko, A., born in 1956, Mr. Belovo, Kemerovo region, the pilot - observer SHS.
  666. Filippov Boris G., born in 1950, retired Air Force pilot. Tver region.
  667. Filippova Viktoria. 1991 born Pilot - athlete aerobatic team "Barca" Surgut.
  668. Filipchenko Alexander A., ​​1957g.r., Military pilot 1 class, line pilot, commercial pilot, private pilot, pilot-instructor. Earned aircraft types over 100, 4000 chasov.G more plaque. Moscow.
  669. Filonenko-Chopovskaya Anastasia D., ATC cadet, Omsk.
  670. Alexander Frolov, Klin, Moscow Region. A private pilot 8 (926) 5894045,
  671. Viktor Frolov, military pilot 1-class, in the helicopter sport master of sports, retired, Tver
  672. Khabibulin Anuvar Gazimovich, 1962 born citizen of Kazakhstan, a former athlete glider.
  673. Khagba Jamal L., amateur pilot, the Republic of Abkhazia.
  674. Denis I. Kharchenko, born in 1989, the helicopter pilot instructor AK-1-3, KBC Mi-2, CPL, Krasnodar.
  675. Khatuntsev Sergey G., born in 1961, Deputy Director of "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School" pilot line;
  676. Sergey Khomyakov. Moscow
  677. Lame Vyacheslav Afanasievich, 1949 born Engineer-pilot GA 1 class, Abkhazia, Sukhumi.
  678. Hurd Roman K., born in 1968 Air traffic controller, a private pilot, Naryan-Mar.
  679. Tsey Timir E., born in 1959, amateur pilot, Krasnodar region.
  680. Tsey Timirovich Eduard, born in 1980 amateur pilot, Krasnodar region.
  681. Tselishev Igor, first vice-president FLA.
  682. Tsihonchik Sergei Pavlovich, born in 1972, the pilot of a free balloon, the head of the Regional Public Organization "Federation Voronezh region sport balloon" member of the Federal Bureau of Aeronautics Russia. City of Military Glory Voronezh
  683. Dmitry V. Tsurkin.
  684. Tsybin Alexander, 1965g.r., Amateur pilot, Krasnodar region.
  685. Tsiganash Vadim, d. F. n., amateur pilot, Rostov-on-Don.
  686. Sergey Tsyganov, 1950 born The pilot of the glider, Novosibirsk.
  687. Tsygurov Dmitry, ultralight trike pilot, the city Lermontov, Stavropol Krai.
  688. Chakin Vitaly V., born in 1965 Paragliding club "eaves" Yakutsk.
  689. Chekirda Anna Vladimirovna, pilot athlete DOSAAF of Russia, St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, + 7 951 662-79-88,
  690. Chempalov Alexander, born in 1972, the senior lieutenant in the reserve, Airborne aviation, pilot, Chekhov. + 79268888890,
  691. Sergey Chervyakov, 1971 born Pilot. Tolyatti.
  692. Anton A. Cherepanov, born in 1991, private pilot, Novosibirsk.
  693. Vladislav Cherkasov. Krasnoyarsk. 1400. PPL, SAF instructor
  694. Alexei V. Chernov, 1976 born in St. Petersburg, a private pilot, build airplanes.
  695. Chernogor Sergey E., born in 1976 The pilot-instructor, director of "Magadan Hydro Air" and Magadan regional public organization "Aviation Technical Club" Magadan Hydro Avia "Magadan
  696. Chernyshov Andrey. Pilot-athlete. The hang-glider. Rostov-on-Don.
  697. Chernyaev Victor M., born in 1963, Head of Flight service "Chelyabinsk flight personnel of Civil Aviation School", a commercial pilot;
  698. Chistyakov Andrey, private pilot, Tyumen
  699. Chubov Gennady Ivanovich, born in 1962 The pilot-instructor. Head aerobatic team "Barca"
  700. Chuvashov Vyacheslav, 11.05.1980. A private pilot. Yekaterinburg city. Pilot-athlete ASK DOSAAF RUSSIA Sverdlovsk region.
  701. Chuvychkin Anton Yurevich, 1988 born , A member of the KB "Sigma-Air", the pilot (student)
  702. Gregory V. Chumachenko, 1966g.r.
  703. Shavnin Ivan, born in 1996, Perm, glider pilot
  704. Shadrin Eugene, 1961g.r., A private pilot, Novosibirsk.
  705. Shadura Viktor Ivanovich, 1943g.r., Amateur pilot, Feodosiya, Crimea.
  706. Sharov Maria Vladimirovna, born in 1997, Slavyansk-na-Kubani, cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  707. Shakhnovich Gleb Borisovich, born in 1978, the pilot SAF, powered paragliding, Kashira Mosk.obl.
  708. Mikhail Shevelev, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. The raid 1000 hours. The last type of aircraft SIAI-Marchetti SM.1019
  709. Shelyakin Maxim Elladievich. 1968 born President RRSOO "Federation aeronautic sports of the Rostov region," the head of the student sports club DSTU "Don Heaven", free balloon pilot license, Rostov-on-Don.
  710. Viktor Ivanovich Sheremetev, 1953, b., Novorossiysk, amateur pilot.
  711. Shershnev Andrey Viktorovich, 1975 gr pilot SAF Krasnodar
  712. Schötz Viktor Yushchenko, born in 1950, of Starodub, Bryansk branch FLA. Amateur aviation, pilot instructor, aviarestavratsiya. 89066988038
  713. Shigin Anatoly Sergeyevich, born in 1973, the pilot - hang-gliders, Nizhny Novgorod.
  714. Shinkarev Peter S., born in 1958, the pilot SAF, Orenburg region.
  715. Andrew S. Shirokov, 1991g.r., The pilot SAF, St. Petersburg.
  716. Skins Andrei Yurevich, 1976 born in Kursk, pilot of powered paragliding
  717. Shtentsov Sergey Nikolaevich, born in 1974, a member of the "NGO Federation of Aeronautics of Russia." Moscow.
  718. Stormer Andrew E., born in 1977, amateur pilot, glider
  719. Noise Romualdovich Vladimir, born in 1957, the pilot SAF Moscow
  720. Shustov Pavel, born in 1964 gliders, g.Severobaykalsk
  721. Shutov Vladimir Mikhailovich, born in 1960, light aircraft builder who dreams up in the sky, a retired colonel, Mr. .Ufa.
  722. Shchepetov Maxim Anatolievich, 2015.
  723. Alexander E. Shcherbakov, Moscow, pilot deltaletchik.
  724. Alexander Shcherbina. The pilot of an amateur. Pilot-athlete. . The raid 6000 hours. Rostov-on-Don
  725. Scherbitsky Anton S., born in 1995, Krasnoyarsk cadet MI HA (ex. UVAU GA)
  726. Shchipanov Ivan, born in 1985, private pilot. Mikhailovsk. + 79025007740.
  727. Yuri Shaulsky, 1950g.r., Amateur pilot, Saratov region.
  728. Jurkov Sergey, born in 1957, flight instructor AN-2, amateur pilot. Maikop
  729. Yurchenko Yuriy Nikolayevich, born in 1957, amateur pilot.
  730. Yuferev Yuri A., born in 1972, private pilot, the pilot SAF (the plane), Yekaterinburg
  731. Yakov Ivanovich Malashihin. 1955g.r. SHS pilot, Nalchik.
  732. Ramil Yakupov Rifovich, born in 1963, flight instructor SHS, Pyatigorsk, head of the NGO "Aviation and Sports Center Ultralight Aviation Yutsa" Stavropol Territory.
  733. Yalaev Anatoly Omarovich, 1954 born The aircraft Cetus. Dagestan.
  734. Yametova Zahidullovna Nadia, born in 1989 Pilot - athlete aerobatic team "Barca", Surgut
  735. Yangirov Ravil Timurovich, 1978 born in Ufa (amateur pilot, plaque 150 hours).
  736. Alexey Yanin, born in 1983, Moscow.
  737. Yapparov MAIL Abuzarovich, born in 1964, pilot hang gliders, Sterlitamak, Bashkiria
  738. Labels Alexander, 1965g.r., Tyumen, aircraft technician
  739. Yarosh Igor. 1960 born A private pilot, Surgut.
  740. Yatsenko Anatoly F., born in 1952 Former voenlёt, amateur pilot, flying club Guards, Kaliningrad.
  741. Yashanin Anatoly, 1952 born , Military pilot, retired, Novosibirsk.
  742. Yashanin Artem A., born in 1976, design engineer LLC "Aviarestavratsiya" glider, Novosibirsk.



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The former aircraft technician Tu-154. I fully support and join.

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Yes, guys. I feel sorry for you. Because the rulers do not give a damn about ANI. They have government planes that are always allowed to take off. And the same is your first. And you are still talking about the fact that you have a democratic state, and you do not even want to decide your own sky. Soon you will pay for air and get a personal permission to breathe.
Everything like in the old days "the tsar does not know how badly his people live" a bloody Sunday. Yes, he does not need help asking him and drive him into three necks, and even ask for the deaths that, by his order, happened accidentally when the houses were blown up under alleged Chechen terrorist acts.
Dare to the guys. Maybe the king will deign to intervene, although it is unlikely that he will not profit.

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I subscribe. 1973 b. Now I live in Kaliningrad. All my life I lived in Kamchatka. The region in which neither roads nor directions. Private aviation for the inhabitants of Kamchatka is simply salvation. Especially remote villages. In Russia, aviation is not a luxury, but a necessity. Unfortunately our bureaucrats do not understand this. The management system of our state is sick with a purulent bureaucracy, and unfortunately aviation has proved to be one of the most vulnerable sectors. It certainly needs to be changed. And to change urgently.

I subscribe to every word. I think here the problem is even more serious than it seems at first glance. In the USSR, small aviation worked very well both in agriculture and on local passenger lines. It ensured the integration of even the most inaccessible territories into the common economic and cultural space of a large country. Without publicly available small aircraft, such territories as we do not hold together. People in search of a better life will finally leave the vast eastern regions, and as you know "a holy place is never empty."

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Renewal of the license for work ATC - one million rubles, technical (Airworthiness) - from 70 thousand rubles per horsepower tax - 250 rubles.
Promising sector of the economy is given into the hands of a former teacher of geography !!! (ATC extends permission for the Lord and comrades of the Government -. Are you crazy?

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I subscribe. Designs and builds SHS

I subscribe. Amateur pilot. Fairfield, CA in support of the Russian pilots,

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I subscribe. Saykov Gennadiy Nikolaevich, a military pilot 1-grade, 10chasov 000, 17-more than five types, including on ALS. Director MBU school ABC (Sport School of Aviation sports) Armavir, Krasnaya Polyana.

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