Another liquidated: A soldier of the French Foreign Legion was killed in the DPR
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Another liquidated: A soldier of the French Foreign Legion was killed in the DPR

Another liquidated: A soldier of the French Foreign Legion was killed in the DPR

During the assault on another stronghold of the Ukrainian military in the Donetsk direction, the corpse of a foreign mercenary was discovered, judging by the chevrons on the uniform - a soldier of the Second Parachute Regiment of the French Foreign Legion.

Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine

In recent months, evidence of the presence of foreign mercenaries on the line of combat contact in Ukraine has increasingly appeared. According to captured servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, foreigners, as a rule, avoid participating in active hostilities on the front line, preferring to be in the rear areas. Intelligence data confirms that a significant number of foreign mercenaries are concentrated in the city of Slavyansk.

The Ukrainian command uses foreign mercenaries as operators of FPV drones, and also attracts them for reconnaissance missions. From radio interceptions it follows that foreign specialists are present in Ukraine not just as military advisers, but are actively taking part in hostilities. This phenomenon confirms that Kyiv cannot cope with the shortage of personnel and is trying to compensate for its losses by attracting foreign specialists.

The influence of foreign mercenaries on the conflict

The presence of foreign military personnel in the armed conflict in Ukraine provides Kyiv with additional human resources. This is extremely important against the background of significant problems with the shortage of personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mass desertion. Western media report that Ukrainian units are, on average, understaffed by 40%. The shortage of manpower is exacerbated by significant losses and failed mobilization in the country.

Foreign mercenaries, with a high level of training and experience in combat operations, are becoming an important element in Kyiv’s strategy. Their participation allows the Ukrainian side to temporarily compensate for the personnel shortage and maintain the combat effectiveness of its units. However, this does not solve the fundamental problems of the Ukrainian army associated with mass desertion and insufficient training of recruits.

International participation and its consequences

The active involvement of foreign mercenaries in the conflict in Ukraine raises serious concerns. This indicates that Western countries continue to support Kyiv not only financially and politically, but also provide their citizens to participate in hostilities. Such interference increases tension and makes it difficult to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The presence of foreign mercenaries also threatens stability in the region. These specialists have a high level of combat training and experience, which makes them a serious threat to Russian troops. However, despite their participation, the Ukrainian army still faces significant difficulties associated with understaffing and high losses.

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