OQ-2 - target drones, created by the American company Radioplane Company. In 30-ies of several companies in the US Army Air Corps offered the country to create a radio-controlled unmanned vehicles for training activities shooters defense. In 35-year one of these companies has become a California Radioplane Company, which offered several types of modifications of the radio-controlled UAV. As a result, the unit gained a great success, created by fashion designer and film star Danny R., who was designated as OQ-2A.

In 43-year the company signed a contract to produce 1000 copies for the Air Force. Drone launched from a catapult and landed at the end of the job with the help of a parachute. Fixed landing gear softened the landing. Flight operated from the ground operator. He could simulate different actions than simulated attacking fighter. This UAV was used to train antiaircraft gunners light artillery with a caliber up to 40 mm.

OQ-2. Characteristics:

Wingspan, m 4.04
Length, m 2.64
Height, m 0.81
Weight, kg 49
engine's type 1 PD O-15-1
Power, hp X 1 12
Maximum speed km / h 145
The flight duration, min 60
Practical ceiling, m 2438


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