Organization of communication in the Air Force
Organization of communication in the Air Force

Organization of communication in the Air Force

The main provisions on the organization of communication in the Air Force

General management service due to air units and formations rests with the Chief of Staff, which is the bases of the decision of the commander of the (connection) gives the chief of communications all instructions on the organization, he takes it personally approves reports and communications plan.

For direct management service due in each aviashtabe has a communications officer, reporting directly to the chief of staff, and in communication technology - a superior communications chief aviation connection.

In cases where the air unit (connection) rendered for special combat missions combined arms (body, division) or a part of the army, the front, the head of communications of its special relation obeys the chief communications division, corps, army, front.

Head of Communications of military aviation, which is part of combined arms, on specific issues of communications technology is subject only to the chief of communications of this compound. Wire connection with the individual active part (compound), usually installed (the airfield) and decree means combined arms (of the body) or the army command.

Radio ground troops and aircraft in all cases, be organized on the instructions of Chief of Army communication (front) or combined arms (body).

Communication plan

Organization of communication both within the aviation connection or part (at the airport and p-flight), and between the ground and in flight with the ground (the airfield, with the army HQ or obschevoyskooym headquarters and units) is based on the communication plan drawn up by the head of communications air unit (connections) . For a plan of the chief of communications should receive the following instructions.

Chief of Staff of the Air Connection (parts):

  • a) the nature of the forthcoming combat operations of the air formations and the groupings in which the combat missions will be performed by each part of the air formation;

  • b) where and from what time the headquarters of the aviation compound (part), the main and alternate aerodromes, the head warehouse, the air defense points and the posts of air communications and surveillance will be located;

  • c) the order of the planned movement during the battle of headquarters and airfields;

  • d) communication requirements at each stage of the operation (combat).

From the head of the aviation communication connection (s) of:

  • a) data for the operation of the radio networks of the aviation compound and of the combined-arms headquarters with which the aeronautical connection (part) must communicate in combat;

  • b) location of headquarters and gearbox; “What kind of communication and by what time will be established with the airfield (aeronautical headquarters) by means of the head of communications of the army (front) or all-arms force;

  • c) the location of the aviation signal posts of the combined-arms staff and which signals to communicate with it are installed;

  • d) the signals by which the infantry should, at the request of the aircraft, lay out identification panels.

Communication Plan should consist of communication schemes and the calculation of forces and means of communication. In content, it should cover:

  • a) the organization of internal communication at the airport;

  • b) the organization of communication of the aviation connection headquarters with the subordinate headquarters of the aviation units - airfields, air defense points and air communication posts;

  • c) the organization of communication between the headquarters of the air force and the headquarters of the front (army) or all-arms force;

  • d) the organization of communication of aviation, which is in the air, both inside and with airfields, army headquarters (front) or combined arms headquarters, with intelligence agencies.

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