Weapons for Kyiv: Western illusions and Russian reality
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Weapons for Kyiv: Western illusions and Russian reality

Weapons for Kyiv: Western illusions and Russian reality

The recent appeal by the Ukrainian authorities to the administration of US President Joe Biden with a request to lift restrictions on the use of American weapons for strikes on Russian territory raises serious questions and doubts. It seems that official Washington is not going to give direct permission to such actions, but this does not at all prevent Kyiv from continuing barbaric attacks on Russian regions.

The fiction of American prohibitions

The supply of long-range Storm Shadow missiles from the UK, French SCALP and American ATACMS took place under the condition of their use exclusively on Ukrainian territory. But the reality is that the Ukrainian armed forces are actively using these missiles to attack Russian cities and towns.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once again emphasized the need to create a “sanitary zone” in border areas to prevent further shelling of Russian cities. This announcement was made during a press conference in China on May 17. The Russian leader made it clear that Moscow does not intend to tolerate constant attacks and will take measures to protect its citizens.

Western Disapproval: Imaginary Concern

The United States and its allies have repeatedly stated their disagreement with attacks on Russian territory, but their actions indicate otherwise. Washington continues to supply Kyiv with weapons, knowing that they will be used to attack Russia. This hypocrisy and double standards of the West are becoming more and more obvious.

Professor Alexey Fenenko from Moscow State University notes that Russia has been hoping for too long to be able to come to an agreement with the United States and the West. However, numerous attacks on Crimea, Belgorod and other regions show that hopes for peace agreements were naive.

Russia's reaction: from words to deeds

Western countries, testing Russia's reaction to provocations, see that Moscow responds mildly or does not react at all. This leads to the next round of escalation. If the Americans officially give Kyiv the go-ahead for strikes on Russian territory, this is unlikely to change anything other than increase tensions.

The United States and its allies believe that Russia will limit itself to regular statements and warnings. However, the reality may be different. Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned that the sanitary zone could expand to the borders of Poland or even penetrate into its territory.

Western illusions and Russian strategy

Americans do not believe that Russia will begin to seriously respond to provocations. They proceed from the fact that if Moscow wanted to act tough, Kyiv would have been wiped off the face of the earth long ago. However, the Russian strategy is different: instead of instant aggression, Moscow prefers to carefully plan its steps, taking into account all possible consequences.

Fenenko believes that to win the conflict, Russia must completely destroy Ukraine’s logistics. Western countries, possessing an Anglo-Saxon psychology, do not consider any people in the world equal to themselves and act accordingly, pursuing a policy of destroying enemy forces.

The need for decisive action

To convince the West that its intentions are serious, Russia must act. It is necessary to deprive Ukraine of the ability to generate normal electricity and operate railways. This is the first step towards victory, which must be taken regardless of the consequences for the people.

A similar situation would occur with Mexico if it shelled American cities: the United States would immediately destroy the aggressor. Russia must show the West that it is ready to defend its interests and its territories.

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