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PJSC "Motor Sich" - venture to develop engines


PJSC Motor Sich is a unique industrial enterprise engaged in the design, development and creation of gas turbine aircraft engines used in aircraft and helicopter construction. The company is one of the leading in the world, and to date produces about 55 types of gas turbine engines for more than 60 types of air vehicles.

The story of this industrial enterprise started in 1907, when near the town of Zaporozhye was built factory "Deca", has been in those days, the creation and maintenance of aircraft engines. In 1921, all departments of the factory "Deca" had been moved to near the location of the city, where later was laid himself "Zaporozhye Engine Plant." It is this plant is considered to be the head of the whole structure of PJSC "Motor Sich".

Almost since it was mastered the production of large aircraft engines Soviet "D-18T" was the beginning of the construction of Zaporozhye Machine-Building Plant. Here then produced aircraft engines with a thrust of 1000 and 6000kVt.


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By the structure of PJSC "Motor Sich" should also apply such an enterprise as a Snezhnyanskiy Instrument Co., is engaged in production of parts and components for aircraft engines, and is currently a subsidiary of a large public company. The factory was founded in 1974 year, and the main purpose of its creation serves to increase the number of products, and today, Snezhnyanskiy Machinery Plant largely complements the work Motors Company.

It should also be mentioned that the structure of the PAO "Motor Sich" includes Volochisk Machine-Building Plant, which provides manufacturing equipment, hardware, and large quantities of parts for aircraft industry with more 1971 years.

With 1984 years, the structure of the production association entered the airline "Motor Sich", which is equipped with transport planes and helicopters, including those working on their own production.

The Motor Sich Production Association actively cooperates with Russian Helicopters OJSC, supplying its products to aircraft manufacturing enterprises engaged in the production of Mi-8, Mi-24, Mi-28 and others. Recently, supplies of aircraft engines to China for L-15 training aircraft have been noted.


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Public Joint Stock Company "Motor Sich" (PAO "Motor Sich")
Address: 69068, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, avenue Motorostroiteley, 15

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