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Paradoxes Superjet
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Paradoxes Superjet

Paradoxes Superjet


Perhaps even a single project of the Russian government, did not cause such a bitter dispute. On the Internet, in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio. In the professional environment, among a complete ignoramus. It is no coincidence.


No wonder someone was truly noticed:

all are able to run the state and play football,

Once all why the work of hairdressers and taxi drivers.


Now these "all" also the planes are able to build. How many screams rose after the publication of information about the beginning of the creation of a joint short-haul aircraft. Many of these malicious "patriots" have not calmed down until now. Yes, the plane on 70-80% is created from foreign components, yes many on-board systems and complexes are completely foreign. But the plane does not become less domestic. All aerodynamics, purges, theoretical part, layout were calculated by our famous TsAGI. Everything was done taking into account the latest requirements for economy, improving the quality of the flight. Taking into account the requirements of international certificates. The engines were developed jointly with the French SNECMA.


But all this is well known. Why, such a good highly efficient and efficient, domestic aircraft are in no hurry to buy our own airlines? Somehow unpatriotic. Yes there have been several cases that could seriously undermine the reputation of only the aircraft that entered the market. But all of them, with careful consideration, turned out to be negligence, carelessness and to the aircraft had an indirect relationship. Of course, like any other new aircraft, the Superjet had its so-called "childhood illnesses." But, as practice shows, there is no plane, which is rolled out for the first time from the hangars of the design bureau, it would simply take, but flew a falcon.


The company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" GHS

a subsidiary company of the famous Sukhoi,

I started from scratch. On the enthusiasm.


With no experience in civil aviation. Gathering specialists "with forest on Pine." Of course, this was made possible by the support of the government, which once thought of the complete decline of the Russian aircraft. The result of this support and the efforts of professionals from many famous CB former Soviet Union, was the development of the first Soviet short-range, single-aisle aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. The capacity of the aircraft in basic configuration - 98 people. And the plane created from practically "nothing", turned out to be extremely successful. And, despite the hurricane hit the press, the plane was gaining points and points in the real, tough operation. The first operator Armavia, get the plane is not even the first series and pre-series, immediately began to chase them in Marseille with a full payload at a distance of more than 3000 claimed by TTX. And very successful flight took place "run."

Why the plane so negatively perceived in the domestic airline market? One can cite several versions. Perhaps the lack of direction in Russia, where it is possible to drive short-haul aircraft. Perhaps our companies got still more "raw" planes of the first series. By the way, to honor the GSS, it should be noted that all sides are the first series of alterations to the aircraft of the latest series.

Paradoxes Superjet Salon

His role was played by the "black PR", because in the country and abroad a lot of forces that are not interested in getting Russia into the international long-established market of this segment of air travel.

But in spite of that, the aircraft makes its way into the market, pushing its famous rivals Bombardier and Embraer. And the experience of operating in a very tough Mexican Interjet loukosterov revealed all the best and modern aspects of the project SSJ-100. And there he was in full chase. In 16 flights a day! And if Aeroflot "hundredth" in the air for about 4,5 hours, Mexican businessmen in the air, he do11 hours. A reversal time was 25 min., And this is a record!

News from the 3 and 4 October it became known that MDM Bank opened a credit line of GSS and Savings Bank provides loans to 600 million. the production of SSJ-100. Airlines UTair и RedWings operators are "hundreds." And Vnesheconombank allocates 18mlrd.r. Russian airlines to buy the Superjet.

Spears break, the debate will cease, and we are a long time will fly on airplanes Sukhoi Superjet SSJ-100.


Valery Smirnov specifically


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