PD-100 Black two: Mini helicopter scout
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PD-100 Black two: Mini helicopter scout

From fiction to our reality. Mini reconnaissance helicopters.


Remembering numerous fantastic books and films, I never thought that I would live to see the embodiment of many ideas and inventions. Learning about new gadgets, novelties of nanotechnology, I recall with nostalgia an old telephone booth without glasses, which stood on the corner of the house a couple of blocks from mine. And, as a child, my father made a flying propeller, which was activated by fast unwinding of the coil on the axis from the nail. Then it was necessary to rewind the twine on the spool, adjust the two carnations without a cap with a celluloid propeller, and again rushing the rope to run the propeller in height.

PD-100 Black two

Now in any supermarket, you can buy a helicopter on the radio, and even flying on an apartment, even on the street ...

And when a helicopter is connected with the ideas of science fiction books and films of the past (Robots insects, remember?) Is obtained by a serious battle system, and for the special forces and ordinary infantrymen.

The latest development of the Scandinavian company Prox Dynamics is the world in miniature reconnaissance system Black Hornet. Looking at this toy as it is not believed that this is a serious military intelligence system.

PD-100 Black two

 PD-100 Black two has these amazing characteristics:

  • Length - 10sm.

  • Width - about 2,5sm.

  • Mass with all the equipment - 16 grams (!).

  • The diameter of the main rotor - 12sm.


"Toy" flies virtually silent, remote controlled weighing only 1,36kg. It has a display information output it in real time. The helicopter is equipped with three cameras. Thanks to GPS-module and multiple sensors can fly a route on autopilot. A fighter can learn to "fly" on it for two days of instruction and training. The entire system fits easily in a backpack army.

The drone can fly up to 30 minutes. photographing the area in HD and share online videos of what is happening around.

PD-100 Black two

A good toy for the "experts", and for the police. For MOE can become an indispensable device for the exploration of the situation in the disaster areas.

All is good, that's just a toy is not as much as the helicopter from the supermarket.

 PD-100 Black two video

Depending on the configuration of one such drone will have to pay from 30-50t. American money. Not many units soon acquire such an assistant.


Valery Smirnov specifically for Avia.pro

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