Moving wedge SVZ
Moving wedge SVZ

Moving wedge SVZ



The system has a coarse programmable regulator OL and an exact closed control loop with a tuning unit BN of the tuning EH, which, through the integrator AND shifts the program, until the equality e = EH is reached. The movement of the SVZ wedge is carried out with the help of an electrohydraulic power servo system, which includes the converter amplifier UE, the control unit AU, the hydraulic power cylinder HC and the feedback sensor DOS. Such a construction of the system allows to obtain small dynamic errors when parrying perturbations associated with a change in the operating mode of the engine, and provides an accurate maintenance of the optimum operating mode of the SVZ in a wide range of changes GB.npi M, a, / 3.

In a closed loop system with no software control it is very difficult to provide a small-time error when Parry disturbances caused by changing the operating mode of the engine, due to the limitation of its performance condition for the stability control. To parry these disturbances and used coarse programming to the parameter control circuit outage.

Application of dual-ACS also allows to increase the reliability of the system as, for example, by refusing a closed loop continues to operate software system less accurate. To diagnose failures and safe transition to a software loop coverage closed loop (range shift program)

limited. This range should provide for obtaining optimum performance and at the same time, to avoid surge or engine BCR maximum deviation from the optimal program. The range of the closed loop is approximately ± 10% full stroke panels wedge.

With this combination of software and closed-loop latter may have a relatively low speed, and the first - large static error. Closed loop control via the tracking system in addition to the convenience of interfacing with a software loop and limit coverage of a closed loop to reduce the adverse impact on the operation of the system changes in load on the hydraulic cylinder rod panels wedge.

Management systems that support the value of e = const, can not create for BCR External compression, working in a relatively narrow range of flight conditions and modes of operation. Migrating controlled variable is, depending on the position of the braking surfaces greatly facilitates the selection of the parameter e.


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