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Rearmament US fifth generation fighter

Rearmament US fifth generation fighter


Air Force of the United States are taking a number of measures to harmonize plans for the production and equipping of the armed forces of the fifth generation fighter.

This need becomes more urgent, since the terms of commissioning of the fifth generation fighter F-35 due to technical problems, complications with the financing of the program design and production of aircraft, constantly violated.

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Air Force fighter gained significantly less F-22 production of Lockheed Martin'sThan originally planned, it did not complement the aviation division, according to a plan.

Technical difficulties have also arisen in the data transfer system between F and F-22-35 using 16 Link system, which gives concealment operations. Although both models fighter manufactured by Lockheed Martin to supplyAir Force, but they have a different concept of maintaining data secrecy. F-22, a dedicated channel with a low probability of detection signal. F-35, equipped with a multi-functional system Advanced Datalink, which uses a different data rate.

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The current situation complicates the use of fighter aircraft F-22 during tactical operations. When performing combat missions in Libya 2011 year, the command could not use the data collected for the F-22 operational decision-making, due to the incompatibility of systems.

Experts have developed a special application Multi-Domain, which is able to adapt the data transmission between fighters and points of contact. It is planned to introduce a system of special cards for communication, since the second quarter of the year 2015. Fighters F-22 and F-35, the system can use the Link 16 for data transmission, but it deprives them of their secrecy, allowing the enemy to obtain information about their location.

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Company Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin will introduce survey work on solving this problem. Northrop Grumman has provided a model gateway, enabling using Jetpack, make the combination of different systems of fighter f-22 and F-35.

The company Lockheed Martin has proposed to use the new waveform developed by L-3 Communication, without the use of a gateway. When tested on the range signal level remained below the detection threshold, enabling both platforms to communicate. The project was called "Missouri" and makes it possible to exchange data with the help of «Chameleon», without disclosing the location of aircraft and to protect the airspace.

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