Carriage of sporting equipment.
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Carriage of sporting equipment.

Transportation sports equipment.


As everyone knows, the aircraft by far the most acceptable for travel between the countries. There is nothing unusual to fly thousands of miles to taste the new sensation. For example, skiing or diving to a depth using SCUBA and conquer one of the icy peaks, or wander through the dangerous jungle, everyone has his hobbies, but they are quite demanding because of the equipment, which requires knowledge of an airport.

Airlines have a number of specific rules carriage of sports equipment. And so. If we talk about oversized baggage such as skis, bicycles or other devices, then all you need to do is call seeking reservation of space for inventory. Now, let's more:

The number of things that you can hold is determined by the two measures is the weight of the system and places.

Typically, a lot of countries use it first rate, namely weight. Weight sets the airline. The following rules, following which the luggage of certain weight can be carried free of charge:

  • 1.Ekonom class - 20 kg
  • 2. Business class - 30 kg
  • 3. First class - 40kg

There are exceptions, if you are a member of the bonus program, then you weight can be increased.

There is a maximum weight. When the baggage exceeds: 32kg cm height or 203, 203 203 cm long and cm wide, you have to make a request to the company itself, as your luggage falls into the category of "non-standard luggage." In this case, you need to advance, namely the acquisition of the ticket, tell the agent about Baggage with weight, width, height and depth, as it is an agent makes a call of this type.

Carriage of sporting equipment.


There are reduced rates, but if your luggage is still exceeds the maximum norm, you will have to pay a fee, which will be higher. Increased fee is 1.5% of the standard rate of economical (for every extra kilo). Given the fact that the reduced rate is several times lower than the base, the transportation of luggage will not quite cheap.

Most sports equipment tested according to standard regulations for the transport of things. If your inventory with the inventory will not be higher than normal, then you are lucky enough to spend it for free. But if you take a thing or excess inventory will exceed the permitted limit, you still have to pay all of the weight that will be over.

Carriage of sporting equipment.


It is worth noting, if you are the owner of the bike, which will be busy airline, then you will be charged a certain amount. Since the wheel must have special packaging, namely a box for a bicycle, the weight of which is approximately 3,5 kg. If your Sports equipment is small, then it will need to carry manually, in the form of baggage.

Carriage of sporting equipment.


The system places used for flights in the US, Canada, and other parts of the South American country. With this flight, the passenger is given the opportunity to take two luggage weighing no more than 32 kg, respectively, the size should not be higher than see 158. Each airline rules and tariffs, which may differ among themselves, so do not be lazy to check with the airline this information.

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I bought a plane ticket over the internet in the airline Saverstal. Flight from 23.04.17 g Apatity to Saint Petersburg. I carry with him skiing. Where should I report it and how much it will cost the transport of one kilogram of excess baggage