Stewardess cap - headdress
Stewardess cap - headdress

Cap stewardess

One of the most interesting components of the suit stewardesses always been a forage cap. Flight attendants from different countries can be dressed quite differently, but the garrison cap - is universal. This element has long taken root in the world of aviation and consistently appear there, then here.

Those born in the USSR probably remember Soviet flight attendants dressed in red field caps with an embroidered golden emblem of civil aviation. These small, stylish hats look beautiful on the neatly combed head of the sky swallow - so much so that even the eminent producers are excited.

In one of the clips of the famous "brilliant" singer is in favor forage caps stewardesses of "Aeroflot".

By the way, the former country of the Soviets does not at all have the exclusive right to red color. Italian flight attendants, whose uniform repeats the colors of the national flag, also wear red caps. In caps like cap - true, dark blue - couturier Julian MacDonald wore British stewardess. His desire was to make girls "sexy beauties", and men - "real heroes." Definitely, there is something in this cap! Once even the designer appreciated it.

Stewardess cap - headdress 2

Cap stewardess

Many Chinese stewardesses wear caps that are very similar to the Russian. Yes, after Aeroflot 1991 had not refused to previous solutions. Only the color of the uniforms (and headgear) has become much brighter. Some of it is even outraged, and they cried out about the "fire in the sky." However, no accounting for tastes: another red-orange solution had in mind.

Cap stewardess 2

Cap stewardess

As mentioned in the article about summer uniform "Airplane Stewardess ... ..."Aviation favorite colors - a blue, red and blue. Headgear flight attendants are often performed in these colors. Often, especially in Western countries, as well as Arab, classic fedora hat cap replaces the type of tablet. In Muslim countries, under a hat flight attendants are required to wear a headscarf. It looks a little hat, perhaps less fervently than the forage cap, but very elegant.

Cap stewardess 3434

Cap stewardess

Red hat-tablets are of Dutch flight attendants. A stewardess UAE, the shape of which, according to some experts, is one of the sexiest in the world (strange, is not it?), Dressed in a dark red hat with a white handkerchief at the bottom. The girls dressed in beige and bodily costumes so, Little Red Riding Hood - what first catches the eye. Maybe the experts are right ...

Cap stewardess 343434

Cap stewardess

Stewardesses Pan-American airlines are in uniform caps and sky-blue. All this is beautifully complemented by white gloves and peek out from under his jacket collar blouses. Brazilians dressed in the same blue uniform as American, but they have instead of caps - a felt hat. Costume stewardesses Jordan is somewhat reminiscent of Dutch uniforms, just cap them not red, and dark in color. And in South Korea, caps - generally two-colored, purple and white: the edge of purplish-blue color, middle, and - white. The solution - fully in tone with the costume: See How to open a flower.

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