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Pinkov Sports Projects
Pinkov Sports Projects

Pinkov Sports Projects: «Air Cup" mini-football



August 06 2016, in the arena of SC "Spartak" named after Fyodor Cherenkov held in Moscow III All-Russian mini-football tournament "Cup Air", Which will be attended by members of a wide range of fields of transport companies. The annual event, which is already a good tradition. Great emotions and unforgettable holiday. Without a doubt this will be an unforgettable sporting event of the summer!

Teams will battle for the right to be leaders not only in industry, but also in sports. The number of participating companies - 16. Companies from the region provided a good excuse to come for one day to the capital to take part in this colorful event.


Participants of the past tournaments are such companies as:

Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Tupolev, AeroMASH-security, Aeroflot, Aeroexpress, Helicopters of Russia, Administration of Civil Airports Corporation MIT, CSTS Dynamics, Orenburskie Airlines, TsAGI, CIAM, Aviahelp, AeroTreyd, Progresstech technodynamics, Zug RusAero, AK Rubin, Irkut Corporation and many others.


In addition to football fans and participants expect an entertainment program with competitions and prizes, as well as each company has a unique opportunity to say «Junior team» to participate in a children's soccer tournament.


Our project is aimed at the important number of goals:

  1. involvement of organizations of employees to an active and healthy lifestyle;

  2. strengthening and building relationships among employees of companies;

  3. increase employees' loyalty to the employer;

  4. the development of business relations between the participating companies.

We invite you to join our celebration of sport. The project is a part of one day in the corporate event format is exclusively and friendly character. Attending only employees of companies.


We invite you to take part in the annual, traditional tournament on mini-football among the largest companies in the aviation industry!

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Submit your application for participation 01 to AugustFor all questions, please call:

(495) 787-06-71

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Project Manager
Roman Zinchenko

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