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Pioneer RQ-2
Pioneer RQ-2

Pioneer RQ-2

The aircraft Pioneer RQ-2 is an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle, which was made by the American company Pioneer UAV. The reason was the increased interest in the creation of the US Navy to guide unmanned, after executing military operations in Libya, Lebanon and Grenada. First of all they were interested in reconnaissance vehicles that could carry out surveillance and to be adjusted to provide fire support.

By virtue of this, a program was proposed to develop a new unmanned vehicle for sea basing. To fulfill the tasks set, an agreement was signed with Pioneer, which is to manufacture the aircraft under the designation RQ-2. As a power plant was used two-stroke gasoline engine. The first finished model was able to rise in the air in the winter of 1985. After debugging and testing, the machine began to be produced serially from the 86 year. The first serial models entered the army in 1986 year, namely at the disposal of the battleship Iowa. The following year, three Pioneer RQ-2 UAVs were delivered to Marine corps.

For transportation complex used car chassis LHA. Baptism of fire of aircraft occurred in the operation "Desert Storm", here Pioneer RQ-2 completed more than three hundred missions, performing combat missions. In operation this year 2000 drone proceeded only on ships Marines.

Pioneer RQ-2. Characteristics:

Modification RQ-2
Wingspan, m 5.15
Aircraft Length m 4.27
Weight, kg 189
engine's type 1 AP
Power, hp X 1 26
Maximum speed km / h 176
Flight distance, km 185
Flight duration, h  
Practical ceiling, m 4572


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