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Why foreign airlines go out of Russia?
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Why foreign airlines go out of Russia?

Why foreign airlines go out of Russia?


It's no secret that at present, more and more foreign carriers leaving Russia, thus leaving local people without enough convenient international routes, thereby creating a shortage of direct flights on a number in routing. Naturally, this is due primarily to the drop in passenger traffic on a number of air routes, however, the experts are also other opinions on this account ...


TheorIa a conspiracy



This version is discussed by Russian specialists and experts for several months, and, despite some absurd moments, it is quite plausible. According to official findings, foreign air carriers deliberately leave Russia, trying to create a panic situation in the country's civil aviation, and, here mainly concerns the fact that it is starting to fade the most popular in routing.

According to experts, international airlines are trying essentially to "drop" the Russian civil aviation, thus making it ineffective, and upon the occurrence of a proper moment, foreign airlines will return to flight operations, however, in this case, be possible, at least in 1,5 times increase the price of airline tickets, that of course, based on the high demand, will make people pay more because air routes can be said to be monopolized.


The fall in passenger traffic


This version of the departure of foreign air carriers is probably the most adequate, and indeed emphasizes the reason why airlines do not want to work in Russia.



Due to the unstable economic situation, citizens simply refuse to expensive air travel from the Russian Federation, which in turn leads to an incomplete loading of aircraft and unprofitable flying. Nevertheless, the fact remains unknown why the carriers simply do not fly lower frequency, instead of carrying out unprofitable daily flights, 2-3 flight per week with a full load of aircraft.


High competition


Experts do not exclude also the version that foreign air carriers are faced with very high competition from other airlines operating at these air routes, which in turn leads to the fact that the need to reduce the price of airline tickets, which is not always cost-effective to fill board aircraft.



In a sense, this version is quite justified, because often the Russian air carriers, such as the airline "Aeroflot" offers flights to 5-10% lower than that of international air carriers, and now that air travel in Western Europe will start to carry the airline "Victory" by offering the lowest possible prices, airlines can and do go without passengers.


Whatever it was, at the time of the civil aviation of Russia does not suffer from the withdrawal of foreign airlines, and it is possible that in the near future, for the convenience of passengers, namely domestic flights shedule could begin its flights to popular in routing, which were for foreign companies "unaffordable".


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