Oil supply (gas turbine engine)
Oil supply (gas turbine engine)

Oil supply (gas turbine engine)



Inclusion of the oil feed is delayed relative to the start of spin rotors, off - with a delay after the stop of the rotors.

Possible scheme of lubrication system ECCD containing blast and suction pumps and prompter with regulated electric drives.

In this system, oil from the oil tank enters the inlet of the pump gear pump HH, which supplies oil to all the bearings of the engine rotors. Pumping gear pumps OH pump oil out of the bearings of the engine rotors and the crankcase of the gearbox box. The high-speed centrifugal OH-S performs the functions of evacuating the air-oil mixture and separating the air from the oil (separation), after which the oil enters the fuel-oil heat exchanger TMT for cooling and further into the oil tank. The air from the separator pump, together with the air-oil mixture from the bearings of the engine rotors, is fed to the input of a high-speed centrifugal pump-prompter CA. From the outputs of the prompter, air is discharged to the cutoff of the nozzle, and the remaining oil enters the oil tank.

Mode of operation of electric motors ED is defined SAU GTE through the control unit CU.

Management of the units lubrication systems become more objective ACS engine and its efficiency is determined by the interaction of lubrication systems, fuel supply and ACS.

Methods of control of pressure pump operating mode (HH) may be different:

- LV operates at a constant speed (pnn = const. Drive of a constant speed);

- the LV rotation speed is controlled from the condition of maintaining a constant oil pressure at the inlet to the support cavities p = const (drive with a variable speed);

- the frequency of rotation of the LV is proportional to the frequency of rotation of the rotor of the engine (as when the pumps are driven by the KPA).

In all cases, discharge pumps speed proportional to the speed of pressure pump.

In a system with electric control programs at ggnn = consti = const; temperature control oil system differs slightly. Compared to drive pumps from the CPA maximum temperature of fuel oil and a few drops.

Performing control law p = consttrebuet use electric drive with variable speed and constant pressure valve.

When using ggnn = constdavlenie inlet oil lubrication system with the rise to a height may be slightly reduced, but the desired range of pressure changes in all modes of operation of the engine is maintained. The advantage of this system is smaller mass assemblies lubrication system as to drive at a constant speed does not require the speed controller of the drive.


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